5 Things Every SEO Manager Needs

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In the universe of search engine optimization, a select few choose to take on the challenge of optimizing a company’s online presence. There are many things an SEO manager relies on every day, but there are five definitive things that an SEO manager needs in order to be the most effective.

Time. Who doesn’t need a little more time? To be successful, search engine optimization takes time. Your website specs need to update in the search engine, listings need to be recognized in order for Google bots to see a change, and good keyword focused content happens over time. Don’t distress if you don’t rank on the first page of Google the first day you hire your SEO manager. They have to wait on the internet to catch up.

Logins and passwords. In order to optimize your local listings, your SEO manager needs all the logins and passwords to every account you ever made on your own. Chance are you were proactive and created a Yellow Pages or Google My Business, then moved locations, changed your phone number and became an Inc. These are important for your SEO manager to know and have access to in case there is incorrect information that is holding your site back from being on the first page of a search engine.

Creativity. Even though a blog seems over the top and stressful, your SEO manager enjoys writing new content that fits your site like a glove. With the right content on the right page, an SEO manager can create internal links increase your site’s authority with Google. SEO managers also pride themselves in writing content that is compelling and reader friendly.

Keywords. Research is key to great, relevant content. In order for your SEO manager to create content that you and Google will both love, keywords are necessary. Keywords are the words most relevant to your brand. With as few as 10 relevant keywords, your SEO manager can magically turn them into 100 with a little keyword research and maybe a little luck. So, don’t forget to think of the top 10 words you want to rank for in a search engine. Those words are more important than you think.

Client cooperation. This may be the biggest thing your SEO manager needs. They may not know everything you, as a business owner, know about your company. With a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of hard work, your SEO manager can get you to the the first or second page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. But they need your help and superior knowledge of the industry you specialize in.

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