6 Ways to Beef Up Your Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn

beefing up social media marketing with linkedin

Use LinkedIn as a tool to enhance your business’s social media marketing.

If you haven’t already embraced LinkedIn as a part of your social media marketing strategy, we just have one question for you – what are you waiting for? Millions of individuals are using this professional social networking site to engage with their target markets, nurture prospects, and provide relevant, educational, and useful information.

Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides professionals with the ability to create valuable B-to-B connections, expand their businesses, and find new customers. If you’re ready to expand your social media marketing but aren’t quite sure where to start, follow these six tips to enhance your digital marketing strategies with LinkedIn and watch as your company reaps the benefits.

Create a Company Page

Obviously it’s important to make sure your own personal LinkedIn profile is up to date and completed, but you should also consider creating a LinkedIn company page for your business. Creating a company page is a great way to drive engagement with potential customers, other professionals, and employees. You can also take your social media marketing to the next level by linking your LinkedIn company page to your blogs, emails, and other digital marketing channels to gain additional followers.

Endorse and Connect

LinkedIn makes it all too easy to initiate those B-to-B connections so don’t hesitate to send invitations and connect with as many other professionals as you can. Consistency is key with social media marketing, and if you spend a few minutes every day growing your professional circle on LinkedIn, you can really increase your potential to gain new business.

Establish Yourself as a Leader Within Your Industry

Answering LinkedIn questions, regularly posting relevant content, and contributing to group discussions with your own thoughts and ideas will help you establish yourself and your company as a leader in your industry. You can also stand to gain valuable insight from other professionals in your industry by asking questions of your own. Doing all of the above will not only boost your social media marketing strategy, but it will also equip your business with the credibility and leadership it needs to gain the trust future clients.

Use LinkedIn Display Advertising

LinkedIn also offers display advertising to grab and keep the attention of of your target audience. With the ability to reach a growing network of professionals and increase brand awareness, it’s safe to say that your social media marketing will never be the same. You can even track the effectiveness of your LinkedIn display ads with built-in analytics. If you’d rather have JumpSIX Marketing handle your display marketing, we can also provide you with ads targeting LinkedIn, along with other powerful websites.

Start and Manage Your Own LinkedIn Group

Expand the influence of your business even further by creating and managing your own LinkedIn group. Doing so will encourage other professionals in your industry to share solutions, job postings, relevant content, and build even more connections. These factors will in turn, boost your social media marketing and enhance your business’s credibility even more.

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