A Quick Intro to Search Volume

Even when you’re working with a down-to-earth team like the one at JumpSIX Marketing, you’re going to hear a few technical phrases thrown around that you might not understand. The digital world is full of jargon that might sound meaningless if you’re not using it every day, and you probably don’t have the time to go researching it yourself. Fortunately, JumpSIX Marketing is here to help with some basic definitions. We like to use our blog to help you stay informed, and in this entry, we’re going to break down a common phrase in digital marketing: search volume.

What Is It?

Search volume is an important part of crafting an effective strategy for optimizing your content and improving your online presence. The term refers to the numbers of searches for a specific keyword or term within a set period of time. This data can be used to measure or assess how effective a keyword is or has the potential to be.

Why Search Volume Is Important

Why does search volume matter? Because it can show you what your users or audience are looking for and help you determine how you can reach them. If your target audience is searching for a particular product or service that you can provide, you can use search volume as part of an overall strategy to craft your content to attract those users to your website.

What Search Volume Can Tell You

Looking at the search volume for a keyword or term can show you how viable that term is to use. It can indicate how much traffic you can get from using a particular keyword. It can also tell you how much competition exists. The higher the search volume, the more competition there’s likely to be when it comes to actually reaching those searching for it.

It’s important that you use search volume as part of a holistic, overall strategy, rather than relying on it entirely. It’s not enough to research the search volume of certain keywords and then cram them into your content as much as you can. You’ll need to work them in organically and be smart about how you interpret the results. You should also remember that low search volume doesn’t always mean a keyword is “bad”. It could mean that you can offer a niche product or service with little-to-no competition.

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