Why Accelerated Mobile Pages Play a Crucial Role in News SEO

Man reads the news on an AMP for SEO purposes

For the last decade, the world has been run by smartphones. In the past, our ability to get news and information via the internet was limited to when we could get to our computer but now, it is a 24-hour, seven days a week element. I can even have my phone set up to send me notifications when certain news takes place that I care about more. I can get inning-by-inning updates of a baseball game. Our phones are even set up to automatically notify us when there is an Amber Alert. Naturally, this change had a huge impact on the media industry and specifically the news industry. Today, the JumpSIX Marketing blog wants to talk about how AMP changed the news and SEO game for good.

What is an AMP?

An AMP is an Accelerated Mobile Page. An Accelerated Mobile Page is an open-source coding standard for publishers. The gist of an AMP’s purpose is that publishers want their sites to load more quickly on a mobile format because mobile response has typically been slower than desktop response. With the boom in smartphones and a regression of people using their desktops, naturally more people consume their news via their phone.

This is done by stripping down a lot of the heavier HTML elements. A good way to think of this in layman’s terms is to compare it to a reader’s version of a webpage. For many websites (usually news sites), your smartphone will give you the option to use a reader’s version of that webpage. If you select it, it will strip down the page to virtually just the text, eliminating multimedia elements and some partitions. This is essentially what an AMP is. It strips down the HTML to make the page more lightweight.

How AMP Affects News and SEO

AMP’s will have effects on any site, not just news sites, but it is crucial for news. The stripping down of the HTML makes mobile sites faster and makes it easier and quicker to consume news on the go. Our patience as a culture has decreased with the invention of smartphones and while that isn’t a good thing in many respects, it makes sense when you are on the go. If you want to get the news at work or when you are busy, most people simply won’t wait very long for a page to load before bailing. This immediately makes it an SEO strategy point.

We know that bounce rate is bad for SEO. So as a news site, having your links clicked on but then immediately closed out because your mobile page is slow and clunky doesn’t serve to create a good SEO ranking. And with media competition at an all-time high, this isn’t a mistake that you can afford to make. AMP’s play a crucial role in how news outlets should put out their news because they play a huge role in how the reader consumes their news. This in and of itself makes it an SEO trend worth investing in.

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