Adapting SEO Practices to Different Markets

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As we continue to research and examine trends in digital marketing and SEO, we at JumpSIX Marketing have seen time and time again, teams who develop a process that works moderately well for a variety of clients. They have a single strategy that they apply to clients in real estate, law, food service, lawn care, start-ups, and veteran brand alike. It is hard to condemn this kind of practice when it still produces tangible results, but we can offer something better.

More seasoned SEOs will tell you that it is possible to tailor your strategies to different markets. This kind of awareness comes from experience–trials, errors, revisions, and successes. As the JumpSIX team continues to expand, we become able to apply more diverse solutions to diverse markets, give greater attention to fine details, and overall produce better SEO strategies for each of our clients.

Here we discuss a few of the ways we ensure that we tailor our SEO strategies to best suit your needs.

Understanding the Audience

Walter Ong famously writes that an author’s audience is always a fiction. Even if that’s true, a good SEO has the tools to piece together a very good mosaic of who a company’s audience truly is. Our JumpSIX Marketing team works closely with clients to identify how the client views their audience. They do all of this while also producing tangible analytics to reveal who is searching for their products and the ways they are reaching the page. Afterward, the team at JumpSIX develops a detailed and nuanced idea of the audience for every one of our clients.

Understanding Search Habits

By performing exhaustive keyword research, the JumpSIX team can tailor content, subjects, and language to users’ search intent. This SEO process is extremely important for all clients because the way users search for material depends somewhat on the nature of the service they’re seeking. For example, users interested in grabbing a cup of joe are searching in a different way than users seeking legal advice. Where the coffee fiend is likely using a location-specific search, something like “best latte near me,” the person seeking legal advice may be searching along the lines of their specific question, something like “student debt and chapter 13 bankruptcy.”

Understand the Market

Researching the audience and their search habits ultimately helps an SEO understand and be able to make some generalizations about the market itself. Certain markets, such as real estate, invite different queries and habits than food service. Where users interested in a great meal may search for a “best veal bolognese” by location, users needing a lawyer may want to see a demonstration of the lawyer’s expertise first, so a long-form discussion of a certain type of case may suffice. How users engage these brands is different, so their SEO strategies should reflect that.

Laser-Focused SEO Strategies from JumpSIX Marketing

Every member of the JumpSIX Marketing SEO team is a trained writer, researcher, strategist, and more. When you sign on for SEO services with us, you receive services tailored directly to your clientele and brand. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, please contact us. We love working with new brands because it allows us to continue refining our work while helping you engage with more of your audience. To get started, simply call us at 417-799-2233 or visit our site to request a free SEO site audit.

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