Avoid These Digital Marketing Gimmicks

Digital marketing and gimmicks

Digital Marketing Gimmicks to Avoid

Sometimes, from the way we explain it at JumpSIX Marketing, it might seem like digital marketing takes care of all the hard stuff for you. After all, if you’re observant enough, you can catch on to useful trends and emerging methods in the digital marketing and digital advertising world and piggyback your way to success, right?

Not quite. While you certainly benefit from being part of a shared experience with your digital users, as well as other brands, you can easily fall prey to misusing gimmicks, and coming off as tacky, out-of-touch, or even desperate. JumpSIX Marketing offers some insidious digital marketing gimmicks that you should avoid.

It’s All About Meme Meme Meme

This might be a sensitive topic, since people love memes – but a lot of companies love them so much that they’re overusing them. Using memes in your ad campaigns (“memetic advertising”, if you want to get fancy) is a potentially effective way to engage digitally, especially if you’re appealing to a younger, more web-savvy audience.

The problem emerges when you consider just how quickly your typical internet meme falls out of favor. Internet culture is blindingly fast, and Andy Warhol’s famous quote about everybody’s “15 minutes of fame” can probably be cut down to 15 seconds at this point. Don’t assume that when you see some new image macro that is actually new – modifying for advertising purposes is risky. By the time you put it out there, the digital crowd has already moved on, and avid social media users will not be afraid to tell you. Over and over. Forever.

Selling Through Social Media

This one is a little tricky, because there is, potentially, a way to do it right. Selling something through social media is generally not a good idea, because it’s not what social media is for. Social media marketing is hard work because it involves integrating your message into a flow of social interaction, and being able to engage well with your audience seamlessly.

Shoving ads out into the middle of a discussion is disruptive and obvious, and you have to remember that using social media opens you up to public criticism. This alone takes a whole new level of preparedness to deal with. Don’t use social media just for selling – use it to build a relationship with your audience.

User Created Content (Without Moderation)

When it comes to digital marketing, engagement is a big part of it. Making your customers, clients, fans, users or whoever you’re targeting feel like a part of your process is one of the biggest bonuses it offers. A great example of this is user-created content. Giving your audience the opportunity to create something for you that you’ll go on to use has a two-fold benefit – they get to display their own work, and you get to capitalize on it.

But it can also be disastrous. Putting out a request on social media or anywhere online for users to create content is fine – as long as you have some way to filter or moderate it. If people see an opportunity to humiliate your brand by posting obscene, offensive, or embarrassing content with your name or logo all over it that will be seen by a potentially unlimited audience, they will absolutely do it. Just do a quick search for something like “social media PR disaster” for a huge list of examples. If you’re doing to advertise digitally, especially through social media, you need to take precautions.

Assuming It’s Easy

Our last example isn’t quite so potentially catastrophic as misguided user-created campaigns, but it can do real long term damage, and is probably the easiest mistake to make. It’s less a gimmick and more of an assumption. The internet has made almost all aspects of our lives easier in one way or another, and it’s obvious to assume that digital marketing is easier than doing it the old fashioned way. This isn’t the case.

Going digital with your marketing, advertising, and branding has certainly made it easier to find more opportunities to promote yourself, but doing it effectively is a whole heap of even more work. Managing multiple accounts, multiple campaigns, keeping an eye on demographics and analytics, budgeting, really engaging with your audience. Keeping up your digital presence is a full-time job all its own.

Professional Digital Marketing from JumpSIX

Avoiding falling into these traps, much like making the use of digital platforms generally, is harder than it looks. You can easily find yourself falling into lazy patterns of aping or repeating things that have already been run into the ground, and it’ll turn your audience off instantly. Fortunately, JumpSIX is dedicated purely to the digital aspect of your business.

Contact JumpSIX Marketing at 417-409-1550, and we’ll handle the subtleties of your digital presence and online campaigns – from marketing and advertising, to social media marketing and web design – while you focus on running a business.

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