Blogging Basics 101

blogging basics from JumpSIX Marketing

Blogging for your business is a fun and exciting part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A blog gives your business another facet to show both consumers and users how your business can benefit them. Blogs also showcase your products and create backlinks to boost the authority of your website.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How do you create an eye-catching, interesting blog that a reader isn’t going to skip over? There are a few basics that you need to start with to create a blog that will be awesome.

First, find your niche. A niche is defined as a specialized but profitable corner of the market. Know that your users want to read unique and compelling content then adjust your material to fit their needs.

Second, experiment with topics. You never know what topics are going to spark your writing interests. Don’t be afraid to try guest posts or a weekly blog series. You can keep an eye on how your readers react by polling them and adjusting your content accordingly. These blogs and blog topics should be constructed based on keyword research. In SEO, you want to target specific keywords to help improve your ranking. If you have a blog topic people are searching for, or a question that needs to be answered, you are much more likely to see better results. Learn more about some keyword research tatics in our SEO Keyword Research: Global and Local Keywords blog.

Third, pick a pleasing background. Use colors that compliment your content and accentuate the mood you want your blog to create. Remember that reading online content is more difficult on the eyes and compensate by using a larger, more readable font.

Fourth, create quality content. Spend time on your content and research your topic before writing. This is important because readers don’t want to read a blog that doesn’t pertain to their interests. Before you publish, be sure to have more than one party read your content, they may catch something you missed.

Finally, don’t give up on your blog before it really gets rolling. Everyone knows that for a seed to grow into a tree, you have to water it. The same thing goes for your blog. With some loving content and persistence, your blog will grow from one or two posts and your mom as a reader, to multiple posts and a hundred fans.

Need help getting started on a blog, don’t have time, or feel like you don’t have the creative juices to fuel it? Contact us here at JumpSIX Marketing, we have a team of SEO experts prepared to take on any task.

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