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A message from Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a city that we love, it’s home! For us there is no better way to serve our city than to help the businesses based here thrive and grow! Large (500+ employees) or small (5) we have helped businesses of nearly any budget make something happen! 
Whatever the type of business – whether it’s a commodity product, a service type industry, or a niche Business-to-Business Manufacturing product or service, we know what to do!  
Our consultants bring a wide range of marketing knowledge and experience to businesses that may or may not have their own marketing department. We ask probing questions to make sure we are strategic in our plan. Because we KNOW that having a plan saves time and money in the long run. Not having a strategic, intentional marketing plan is a common mistake we see. If that currently describes you please don’t hesitate to meet with us for an evaluation and consultation. 
We aim to identify and fill your marketing gaps, so you don’t have to worry about adding more work to your plate. Some clients invest as little as 1-2 hours a month to complete a full marketing strategy and campaign with us. That’s it! We do the heavy lifting, and then value the time spent with the client primarily reviewing direction, changes in the market, and progress. 
Our Cincinnati team is good at what we do, and a big part of that is when it comes down to it, we just love people! People are amazing! They Dream. They Work. They Create. It is truly a beautiful thing. A business owner working tirelessly to create jobs in the community is not an easy thing to do. We know what it’s like being an entrepreneur, because we are! We know the risks, challenges, and rewards of leading a business, team, or organization. We want to be there with you making your goals a reality! We help you dream bigger, AND reach those dreams! 
If you don’t believe us, ask to hear our stories. How Jumpsix came to be. How it came to Cincinnati. How each consultant became connected to us. Each is unique and amazing – just like yours!
We look forward to serving you… in fact, we can’t wait! 
Rebekah Leitner, President Jumpsix Cincinnati

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