How Does Digital Marketing Differ from Traditional Marketing?

In days past, you had few marketing choices for your business. You could choose to place an ad in a local or national newspaper, pay for a commercial slot, rent billboards, start mail advertising campaigns, or decide on some combination of these. Okay, that might sound like a lot, but when you consider the marketing options available now, you can see how restricting traditional marketing is. Digital marketing adds new dimensions to your company’s ability to communicate and engage consumers. Technology isn’t always better, but online marketing improves many traditional marketing tactics or offers completely new ways to reach an even more targeted audience.

What Does Digital Marketing Offer?

When you hire a company like JumpSIX Marketing, you might not immediately understand everything they are doing to bolster your marketing and improve your outreach. After decades of major companies effectively using traditional marketing, these old-school techniques look and sound second nature. All of us can think of a jingle that stuck in our heads or can remember a commercial that made us want to rush out to buy a product. Digital marketing doesn’t have that history to rely on, so many people come to it with a skeptical lens.

In the simplest terms, digital marketing offers a more customized, accurate, and quantifiable approach to engaging consumers. Your business can target more specific audiences than ever before with social media marketing, search engine marketing, product listing ads, YouTube ads, and display advertising. With search engine optimization, web design, and social media outreach, you help shape the perceptions the community has of your business. Let’s take a closer look at these digital marketing avenues and how they relate and differ from their traditional marketing counterparts.

Online Advertising & Traditional Advertising

Marketing, like most aspects of life, builds on what came before. Many people joining the debate on the merits of digital marketing versus traditional marketing forget to consider how one evolved from the other. These two distinct approaches to marketing lie on a continuum. We hope to put digital marketing into the broader context of marketing and show how the traditional marketing you understand relates to the digital marketing we will use to grow your brand even more.

Display Advertising & Billboards

Imagine your company’s billboard standing alongside the road. It reaches thousands of drivers each day, leaving different impressions on each of them. This is great. Your billboard at least creates awareness. At best, it engages people in a way that will draw them to your business. But the billboard itself doesn’t act as a gateway to your physical location, and this is one way in which display advertising differs from your roadside billboard. Display advertisements not only stand beside the byways of the internet to engage people but they also offer them a way to click right to your website. Once there, they can contact you for your service or shop online. Display advertising generates awareness and excitement while also giving consumers the option to act immediately.

Search Engine Marketing & Print Advertising

Print advertisements and commercials can reach large audiences and create buzz about your business or products. Newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV stations, however, have very specific target audiences. Some of these audiences match your optimal customers better than others, but you have little control over changing this audience. You also have no way of giving these audience members a direct way to interact with your business. With both search engine marketing and social media marketing, you and your digital marketing advisors have direct control over the target audience. You can choose what searches you want your ads to show up for and what searches to disregard. For Facebook advertising, you can target users based on their self-expressed interests, history, and likes. Once you set up a campaign optimized for the perfect audience, you can track the number of clicks and purchases your online marketing brings in.

Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, & Selling Your Image

Though an often overlooked aspect of marketing, cultivating your business’ image goes a long way toward attracting customers. In traditional marketing, this means giving your physical location a personality unique to your business and creating a dialogue or atmosphere that tells your customers exactly what you are all about.

Web Design

Think of web designers not as tech savvy guys who love talking Star Wars (though at times we are that, too) but as interior designers for your digital location. At JumpSIX Marketing, our web design team is tasked with translating your image and personality to the digital world while also streamlining the experience for users. Your website speaks for you in ways often difficult to imagine, and good web design makes sure those words are exactly what you want them to be.

Search Engine Optimization

A website perfectly designed with your image in mind will give visitors to your site the first impression you want, but great search engine optimization can really convey your personality while benefiting you in other ways. Our search engine optimization team writes content focused on you, and we include keywords to help drive traffic to your site. This does two jobs in one. We portray your business in the way you wish, and we give your website the relevancy search engines need to rank your website above competitors. This makes your company easier to find and more enticing once found.

Choosing Digital Marketing

We don’t like to speak ill of traditional marketing because we understand how all marketing ties together. If you want to reap the massive rewards of the online world, however, you need digital marketing. We would love to work with you to get the most out of your online presence. Contact us at JumpSIX Marketing for more information on our services.

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