Digital Marketing and Seasonal Trends

At JumpSIX Marketing, we’re always keeping a close eye on advertising and digital marketing services and trends. These kinds of things change over time, with shifting demographics, new products causing spikes in certain industries, new fads appearing suddenly. This can all be hard to predict, and it takes a lot of time and close concentration to really capitalize on changes.

However, the trends that come and go with the seasons are a lot easier to measure and, subsequently, make the most of. Even if you’re not a digital marketing professional or a business owner who’s used to seeing products go in and out of style, you’ve likely noticed the ebb and flow of how things sell, how services are used, and how they’re linked with the way the seasons change.

Stay with the Seasons – Advertising Holidays

If you want to keep your customers, clients, users, subscribers – whoever you’re targeting – coming back, you need to keep current. This doesn’t just mean having the right products for the right time of year (although that’s certainly important), but matching your digital marketing strategy to the seasons too. As an example, if you’re using display advertising online to appeal to your target audience, theme those ads appropriately.

Use brighter colors and bolder imagery in your ads during the spring and summer. As the fall and winter roll in, use warmer, earthier tones, or winter-themed ads around Christmas and New Year. Even if your product or service isn’t directly related to anything to do with the seasons, capturing the mood or the essence of a time of year will help to draw attention.

Prepare for Business to Slow Down

No one wants to hear that they’re about to experience a slow-down in business. Losing customers or declining numbers is never fun, but it is, sometimes, extremely hard to avoid. If you’re an established entity or a larger corporation, you’ve probably already got a lot of data on when things slow down and speed up again, but if you’re a newer or smaller business, it’s likely a lot more disquieting to see. It’s easy to end up agonizing over whether you’re losing money because of industry trends or something you’re specifically doing wrong.

Depending on the service or products you supply, you’ll experience issues like this as the months go by. The important thing here is to simply be prepared for it. You can always increase your advertising budget for slower times of year to increase your exposure – but it’s important not to overdo it. Neither traditional advertising or digital marketing are about inundating the public or your audience with ads, offers, and promotions. Effective advertising makes use of some subtlety and restraint, avoiding people simply getting fed up with you. Be careful about how you promote yourself in the quieter seasons – focus on nurturing your existing customers or user base while you reach out to newer audiences.

Make Use of Mobile

Another factor to think about as the seasons change is the platforms you’re using to promote yourself. Christmas is the best example of this. Last minute shopping for gifts has always been a curse of this time of year and now, more than ever, there are countless options available to consumers when it comes to buying. In the last few years, how many last minute gifts did you order with your smartphone?

Mobile digital marketing is extremely important. Even now, far too many businesses and services neglect smartphone integration and being mobile friendly, simply assuming users will find a workaround or just put up with a website or order page that isn’t cell phone friendly. This is a catastrophic mistake.

You need a clear pathway to purchase for any situation – desktop or on the go – that makes it simple and easy for customers to find and buy products. The more effort they have to make, the less chance there is of them being a customer. It’s also a perfect way to capture those last-minute shoppers – if you have a good marketing strategy and a mobile friendly focus, you have an extra dimension of reach for people searching for the best deals on items they’ve seen in-store.

Our JumpSIX Marketing team can’t emphasize enough how important it is to optimize for mobile, whether you’re looking at search engine marketing, social media marketing, SEO, display advertising or web design. Most of us use our smartphones for practically everything these days, and grabbing that market when it’s in the most demand is the difference between complete success and total failure.

JumpSIX Seasonal Experience

This is just a sample of things to think about when it comes to seasonal changes in advertising – there’s a lot more you should be thinking about, especially as the holidays draw near. It’s hard enough running a business, supplying a service or selling a product, let alone drawing up complex digital marketing strategies for every season. If you need someone to shoulder the burden and make the most of shifting seasonal trends to benefit your business, contact JumpSIX Marketing today.

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