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If you’ve ever searched for news on a particular topic or product, you’ve probably seen AMP pages. They’re the little boxes with headlines and a small lightning bolt logo beneath them. Chances are, these little boxes contained exactly what you were looking for when you started your search. So what are these AMP pages and how are they applied in Google? How do they apply to digital marketing? Let’s delve a little deeper.

What are AMPs?

First, let’s pin down exactly what an AMP page is. Google created AMPs, or accelerated mobile pages, to give mobile users a better search experience. These pages are designed to load almost instantaneously when you type in a search term. This allows mobile users to have much quicker access to the relevant and useful content they’re looking for. Why is this important? Well, mobile users will often abandon a website if it takes too long to load. The typical HTML website can take a significant amount of time to load on mobile devices when compared to an AMP page.

Who Should Use AMPs?

At first, AMPs were mostly used by online news outlets and articles, but it’s also great for e-commerce and products. On the digital marketing and sales side of AMPs, they are becoming an invaluable resource for conversion opportunities. When people are researching products to buy, speed in search and easy to interpret information plays a big role. AMPs are still a bit of a new platform in the sales space, but as Google continues to update them, they could become a huge digital marketing tool for products and services on mobile devices.

Is AMP a Big Part of SEO?

With all this information on AMPs, it’s a common concern as to whether it can affect your rankings on Google. The short answer is, yes and no. While AMPs don’t have a huge impact on your SEO, they can certainly work to help it. The more people who click on an AMP page for a certain search term, the more value Google places on that page, as long as there’s not a significant amount of bounces in tandem with the page visits. A relevant AMP page that leads to conversions will certainly be viewed as valuable to Google. So while AMPs aren’t essential for good SEO, they certainly don’t hurt. As Google constantly changes its parameters of what is relevant to users, this could easily change in the future.

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