Digital Marketing Trends: Artificial Intelligence

Digital Marketing AI

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing – for now and in the future – is artificial intelligence. No, we don’t mean Terminators will start writing your blogs for you, but artificial intelligence does have the potential to improve your digital marketing efforts and make things easier. Today in the JumpSIX Marketing blog, we’ll be analyzing this trend and whether it’s worth implementing in your strategy.


Probably the most prominent form of new artificial intelligence on websites are chatbots. These little boxes bring your customer service and engagement to a whole new level. These chatbots can do a variety of things for both you and your customers. First of all, they’re available 24/7. This means your customer may be able to get a direct response to their question even after business hours, or without having to go through the trouble of calling the customer service line. Plus, if a customer gets upset or angry, your employees won’t have to deal with it, as the chatbot may be able to handle it and resolve the problem for you. These chatbots are also extremely useful for recording customer metrics and shopping habits. Which means more tangible demographic information that you can capitalize on.


As always, Google is already ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing artificial intelligence. They’ve been using it in their search engine since 2015. This system is called RankBrain and it’s made to learn from the way people search. That’s why you can type in specific things like “red running shoes from Nike” and it’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for. Or you can type in “what year was the Declaration of Independence signed” and it will give you the answer without you having to jump to another webpage. Voice search is almost entirely based on RankBrain, and implementing voice search into your digital marketing strategy has also become increasingly important. To optimize your digital marketing, you need to make sure you’re trying to adhere to the RankBrain algorithm and thinking about how you can help your website show up in voice search results.

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The fact is, we’re barely scratching the surface of what artificial intelligence can do and how it can affect your digital marketing. We’ll definitely be revisiting this topic in future posts, so make sure to stay tuned. We’re constantly staying on top of the newest trends, so you can trust that you’re in good hands when you choose JumpSIX for your digital marketing needs. Contact us today for more information.

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