What is Display Advertising Exactly?

Display Advertising: A Beginners Guide

Different display advertising layouts

One of the oldest forms of advertising in the internet era is display advertising. There are few websites that you can visit without seeing banner or box ads. In fact, much to the bewilderment of Ron Swanson, you will even see ads on websites for products that you have recently looked for. Display advertising is a marketing strategy that is fully ingrained in our internet browsing, but most people don’t know exactly what it is. There are three main types of display advertising:

  • Contextual
  • Website choice
  • Re-marketing

In today’s blog post, JumpSIX Marketing will look at those three things and explore how they interact together.

Targeting The Right Audience

This is the very first step of any display advertising strategy. All advertising campaigns, be they social media, AdWords, or display advertising are similar in the sense that they have to have a target audience to be successful. For display advertising, this is especially important and a tad more difficult because you not only have to know your audience but also the websites they visit.

Choosing The Right Platform

Step two in the display advertising process is finding your target audience. You can’t advertise without websites to advertise on, and some websites are better than others. Do you sell sports apparel? You’ll want to advertise on websites that sports fans use. Are you marketing to a certain group of people, like teenagers or women? You’ll want to advertise on websites that those groups visit. Picking the wrong websites is the quickest way to a dead-end campaign.

Remarketing To Your Audience

Remarketing, the aspect of display that Ron Swanson hates, uses a thing called cookies to track what websites users have been visiting. With remarketing advertising, those cookies will follow the user to other websites and, hopefully, result in more engagement. This is especially useful for e-commerce, as it will specifically advertise products that potential customers have been looking at.

Remarketing is arguably the most valuable display marketing strategy because cookies do some of your job for you. In your campaign development, you have to decide what audience to target, whereas remarketing targets your audience for you depending on who is visiting your site and what they are looking at.

Let JumpSIX Marketing Take Care Of Your Display Advertising

Display advertising is a very valuable tool for businesses. It gets you exposure, and with remarketing, it requires less hands-on work. However, for it to work, you have to have a campaign that is properly designed and coordinated. For help with your campaign, give JumpSIX Marketing a call at (417) 799-2233 or visit our website for more information.

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