Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing & Management (Part II)

Social Media Marketing Done Right Will Boost Your Business

We cannot provide a golden rule that will perfect your social media marketing campaign. Every business engages with their audience differently, and only by interacting in a way specific to your brand can you entice users to follow you. People crave a presence with personality, but you should still follow some basic guidelines in order to reach people in the most effective way. In Part I of this blog series, JumpSIX Marketing went over a few strategies to improve your social media marketing and management campaign. In today’s blog, we will discuss mistakes your company should avoid.

A Few Social Media Marketing Don’ts

Not all social media sites are created equal, and you shouldn’t assume that you will engage the same crowd on all the different social media sites. Each site allows you to present your brand in a different way to a different group of people. You should think of this as an opportunity to share your brand’s personality in unique ways. However, there are a few mistakes companies make across all platforms, and JumpSIX Marketing will share those with you here.

If You Only Build It, They Won’t Come

Some companies have seen Field of Dreams one too many times. “If you build it, they will come” might work for Hollywood and Kevin Costner, but it won’t work for your social media management. Don’t just create a Facebook page or an Instagram account and cross your fingers. After building a page devoted to your brand, you have to draw users in. Share fun, informative, and eye-catching content to excite users.

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

When you hide negative reviews and comments, you act like the child who cleans her room by hiding her toys under the bed. She only fools herself; her parents see the mess and shake their heads. Don’t ignore negative feedback. Use this opportunity to turn a mistrusting or difficult customer into a long-term advocate for your brand by convincing them that their opinion matters to you. Hiding your mess to only yourself doesn’t win you any favors. Address the issue instead.

Everyone Leaves a Pleaser

You can’t please everyone, and much of social media marketing is about determining who makes up your audience. When you try to placate everyone, you end up losing some of your strongest allies. Get a sense of your target demographics, and let some issues die. This may sound contradictory to the advice above, but it really isn’t. Use a discerning eye to know when someone only wants to bicker and bring your brand down to their level and when someone expresses a genuine interest in your product. Focus your energy on the latter.

No One Likes a Potty Mouth

Everyone knows better than to use vulgar language online, but not everyone understands just how sensitive and reactive social media communities can be. Tread lightly when dealing with humor or anything topical. If you feel an inkling of doubt, then you shouldn’t say it. Always err on the side of caution when posting for your business. A well-crafted social media marketing campaign can quickly come down in smoldering ruins because of one misworded and mistimed tweet. Don’t let that happen to you.

Choose JumpSIX Marketing to Manage Your Social Media

JumpSIX Marketing offers your brand the experience and knowledge of a skilled agency. We deal with the intricacies of the web day in and day out, and we can effectively implement both your long-term and short-term social media marketing strategies. Reach out to JumpSIX Marketing today to discover what we can do for you.

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