Four Ways to Engage Prospects with Digital Marketing

Creating an engaging digital marketing campaign

Picture this:
You are scrolling through Google to find the best local auto-body shop when a video ad catches your eye at the side of your screen. It is engaging and sincere and you click on it to find out more about this company. Why not right? You clicked on the ad because it displayed something you were interested in. This is an example of effective digital marketing.

Digital Marketing can be a confusing world to prospects and users and JumpSIX Marketing has a great way of explaining it. Digital Marketing is super cool, but how can you engage a user with digital marketing?

make sure you have a Mobile-Friendly website. Let’s get digital on a handheld level. With nearly two billion smartphone users in the world, having a mobile-friendly website is a must. In conjunction to billions of smartphone users, Google values mobile-friendly sites over non-mobile-friendly sites as of early 2015. Engage your users with your website via their phone. Make your site fun and interactive so that the prospect will remember your business or look your business up elsewhere.

Keep your content fresh. Readers and users do not want to read content that is a couple years old and incorrect. Get real with your digital marketing company and help them create new page content and blogs for your website. Nothing says that your business is authentic and holds authority like recently updated content and new visuals. According to Digital Marketing Magazine, “Give your target groups a reason to visit your website often. In other words, have text and images that draw them in regularly.”

consider Display Ads and Remarketing. Display ads can attract users by showing up on specific websites. The ads are targeted based on the context of your business and the topics your prospects are interested in. As your ads circulate through the vast stratosphere of the internet, there will be some who click on them to look through your website. That is where remarketing comes in. With a clever remarketing code installed on the backend of your website, your ads will then follow the prospect or user everywhere they travel within the digital universe.

Social media is more than just Farmville. Social media encompasses a variety of websites designed to connect users with common interests. With that in mind, creating an interest page that connects your users to you and other people can help establish credibility amongst prospects. Facebook alone has 1.19 billion active users and roughly 620 million groups. If you start out small and use regional specific content to attract a fanbase, you can then expand your reach to a larger audience with a simple share or click of the like button.

Digital marketing has a myriad of avenues for businesses small and large. Want to know more about how it works? Check out our services or contact us today. We are: digital marketing made simple.

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