Functional Web Designs Don’t Need to Be Ugly

Web Design Like This Considers Aesthetic and Functionality

Functional and Beautiful Web Designs

Every business owner understands the importance of having a website. More and more people search for products and business information on not only desktops but also smartphones. Yellow pages are growing more obsolete by the day, and brochures and business cards are increasingly less effective than a solid website. But what web design gives your website the functionality it needs?

When most people hear the word functional, they think dull or ugly. They think: enough to do the job efficiently. Here, at JumpSIX Marketing, we know, however, that beauty and functionality go hand in hand. Our web designers pride themselves on creating aesthetically pleasing websites geared for digital marketing and generating conversions. We do not believe in sacrificing attractive designs to monetize your website. The best digital marketing strategy considers both aspects of web design as interconnected. A beautiful website is not always functional, but a website cannot be functional without appealing to the customer’s eye.

Your Web Design Is Your First Impression

No matter how well the content on your website defines your company or leads your customers to a contact form or product page, your website will not capitalize on these customers with an unattractive web design. Overly busy designs, dull designs, difficult to read texts, slow load times, and auto-playing videos and music can send potential customers back to search engines in a matter of seconds.

Website as Personality

Web design, even in the digital marketing world, is a highly creative and personal process. Our designers put their own creative energies into designing your website, but this is also a partnership. At the end of the day, the website reflects your business, and you should think of it as an extension of your business’ personality.

A dull website that offers no personality aside from a list of your business’ products reflects poorly on the personality of your business.Your business will appear boring and too straight to the point. People want to do business with someone with personality, not a list of options. Likewise, a web design full of attractive images and sleek layouts without any information will leave customers lost and overwhelmed.

To best entice customers and earn their trust, you need to straddle the middle ground. Think of your website as an extension of yourself and your business. You want customers relaxed, open, excited, and informed about your product. There is no better way to do that than by providing important information in a simple, creative, and interactive way.

Call to Action pages

No, a beautiful design should not be sacrificed, but at the same time, some purely functional aspects of web design work so well that they shouldn’t be abandoned. A call to action is one of these functional aspects, as are contact forms. These are great tools for turning new visitors into customers and new customers into loyal clients by providing them the opportunity to receive newsletters or to like or share your business on social media.

Some might consider a contact page or call to action page unattractive web design, but we, JumpSIX Marketing, think of this as just another way your website is a continuation of your personality. There is nothing tacky about continuing a friendship or business partnership with someone you met at a party or work function or business conference. Think of these forms and calls to action in the same way. You’ve found someone interested in your product and image, and you want to continue that relationship. These “functional” pages are a great way to do that.

Revamp Your Website with JumpSIX Marketing

The digital world evolves at a faster pace than the rest of the world, and a fantastic website in 2011 may lose you customers in 2016. Sometimes it is best to get an outside look at your web design to see if it still accurately reflects the growing personality of your business and the changing demands of the digital world.

JumpSIX Marketing has experience remodeling outdated websites into highly functional and beautiful sites that act as an extension of the business’ personality. JumpSIX started creating websites because our clients’ previous websites needed to be modernized for current online trends. We approach websites with an advertising perspective as opposed to simply going for beauty. We design our websites so that they ultimately achieve our clients’ marketing goals and objectives. Contact JumpSIX Marketing today for a website quote or just to talk about how to keep up in the competitive digital marketing age.

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