Google Advertising Advice: The Display Network vs. The Search Network

Google Advertising Networks

Google advertising relies on two networks, Search and Display, to distribute your ads. Each comes with its own attributes and advantages. But what’s the difference between the two? What can they do for my business? These are great questions! It’s important to have some basic knowledge of these networks when considering a Google advertising campaign. Here at JumpSIX Marketing, we’re experts in Google advertising, so allow us to clear up some of this confusion.

The Search Network

When it comes to Google advertising, the Search Network is probably the most well-known form of Adwords. When you advertise on the Search Network, you’re putting your business in a place where people who are searching for specific keywords can see them. Keywords are extremely important to a good Search Network ad, so it’s beneficial to do high-quality keyword research to obtain the best results. For instance, if you typed in “flower shop in Springfield, MO” you’d see the flower companies utilizing the Search Network ads, followed by companies who are ranking organically.

If someone is looking for something very specific, they’re likely to click on those ads on top. It makes their search for a product or service simple and easy. In addition, extensions (additional links) can be added to your advertisement. Meaning if “The Flower Shop” has an advertisement in the search network, they can also include links to their address and phone number that are immediately clickable to a consumer. You’re also able to include search networks that are partnered with Google, such as AOL, allowing you to reach an even wider audience.

The Display Network

If you surf the Internet on a regular basis, you’re probably already familiar with the Display Network because you probably see examples of it on almost every website you visit. The ads you see when surfing your favorite news website or watching Youtube videos are examples of the Display Network at work. The Display Network is designed to greatly increase your brand’s online presence. Your ads can appear based on certain keyword groups relating to the websites people are surfing, or they can appear on specific websites using managed placements.

Search Network with Display Select

A newer addition to the Google advertising world is the Search Network with Display Select. When this campaign is initiated, Google uses your search ads to determine where they would best be placed on the Display Network and places them there. This may seem like an ideal solution, but it’s not quite as focused as a Display Network specific campaign. The Search Network with Display Select is basically an enhanced Search Network advertisement. This is great for the business who wants to mainly focus on the Search Network with some exposure to the Display Network, but not a great option for the business who wants a lot of exposure on the Display Network.

JumpSIX Marketing is Your Digital Marketing Expert

Here at JumpSIX Marketing, we are experts in Google advertising and beyond. Our comprehensive digital marketing services also include SEO, social media management, and more. We can help you decide what advertising network is best for your business and where your focus should be. Contact us today or view our website for more information about bringing your web presence to the next level.

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