Google Advertising: What Type of Adwords Campaign Should I Run?

Google Advertising Campaigns are Important

One of the most common questions people have about digital marketing is what kind of Google advertising campaign a business should run. Should I advertise on the Search Network, the Display Network, or both? The shortest answer we can give this question is, it depends on your advertising goals. Both networks come with their own set of advantages geared toward a variety of advertising strategies.

Strengths of the Search Network

As we discussed in our previous blog, the Search Network is a focused, search-based form of Google advertising. You’ll see these advertisements at the top of Google searches and searches made through Google’s search engine partners. The Search Network aligns with a variety of advertising goals.

Customers who are Actively Searching

The most obvious benefit of the Search Network is it gives you visibility to customers who are actively looking to purchase a product or service. If you’re selling your painting services and advertising on the Search Network, you’ll be immediately visible to customers who search for painting services, or whatever keywords you’re utilizing.


The Search Network generally leads to more conversions than the Display Network, so it’s more friendly to the budget. The results are also, typically, more noticeable right away. Once you start making conversions, you can look at metrics and results to see if you should further expand your campaign.

Emergency Services

If you sell a service or product that people typically only search for in emergencies, the Search Network is your best friend. Think about the last time your needed a tow. You probably typed in “towing services” on your phone and clicked on the first thing that popped up.

Products or Services that Need No Introduction

The Search Network is very keyword-driven. When your product or service has high search volume, half the work has been done for you. People are well aware your product or service exists, so now you just have to put yourself above your competitors and target the best keywords. Quality keyword research can give you a stellar Search Network campaign.

Strengths of the Display Network

In case you missed our last blog, we’ll give you a brief description of the Display Network. The Display Network is a Google advertising network that spreads your ads across a wide variety of websites or specific websites through managed placements. The Display Network can benefit you in ways the Search Network can’t.

Brand Awareness

If your main goal is raising brand awareness, the Display Network is your best option, no question. An attractive display ad can reach a large audience browsing the web. A quality display ad can get to people who may not have seen your ad otherwise. Display ads don’t necessarily lead to as many conversions as Search, but it’s undoubtedly the best way to get your name out there. If your brand sticks in a user’s head, they may be more likely to remember you when buying that product or service in the future.

Reach Customers Based on Your Target Demographic

Just like the Search Network, you’ll still be using keywords to focus your Display campaign. The difference is, you’ll be focusing on users who aren’t actively looking for your product, but who would be likely to buy your product or service in the future. By targeting certain websites and keyword groups, you can reach customers who are most likely to buy your product. For instance, if your product is marketed towards active adults who exercise you can market on a health or fitness website.


Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Display Network is the remarketing capabilities. Customers who are researching products may not be looking to buy right away, but with remarketing, you can consistently engage them even while they’re not actively shopping. For instance, someone may be looking for a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day. With remarketing, you can continue to make your brand known to them while they’re doing their normal web surfing activities. When they’re ready to make that reservation, you’ll probably be the one who sticks out in their mind.

A Combination of Both

Sometimes utilizing both the Search and Display Network is a good option, but it really depends on the business. If you choose to do both, you need to make sure one’s not getting more attention than the other. You want to have high-quality campaigns for both networks. This is also the option that requires the largest budget, so make sure you are carefully considering if this is the right way to go with your Google advertising campaign.

Consult with Google Advertising Professionals

JumpSIX Marketing has extensive experience and expertise helping our clients create unique, engaging, and relevant Google advertising campaigns. We can advise you on the best strategy for your individual brand and business. We don’t stop there either. We are a comprehensive digital marketing service. If you need social media management, SEO, or various other digital marketing services, we can give you the best of those as well. Let the Google advertising experts at JumpSIX Marketing bring your business to the next level. Contact us today.

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