How Google’s RankBrain Impacts SEO

SEO for algorithm updates

Algorithm Update: SEO for RankBrain

To improve user experience and help people find relevant content, Google constantly updates their algorithms. As algorithms change, search engine optimization practices change as well. Google’s latest algorithm update, known as RankBrain, may have the biggest effect on SEO yet. Unlike previous algorithms, RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system. Currently, the system is used on approximately 15% of search queries, but it will likely account for more searches in the future.

To improve our services, the SEO team at JumpSIX Marketing constantly researches and analyzes Google’s algorithm updates. This ensures our clients’ content consistently ranks high as search engine’s change and improve their practices. Today, we discuss how RankBrain changes search engine optimization and how you can cater your content to the algorithm.

Build Content around Concepts

Naturally, keywords will always be important to SEO, but RankBrain changes the way we approach them. Instead of building content around a single keyword, Rankbrain forces us to build content around concepts. Search engine optimization experts suggest grouping your keywords into clusters that all relate to a particular subject or concept. Utilize these clusters throughout your content in a way that flows naturally.

Write Conversationally

Google always values authoritative, active content, but conversational writing is starting to take over. RankBrain is designed to help people find relevant content. So, write your content for people, not bots. Make sure your content is easy-to-understand, flows naturally – and above all else, actively written. The easier it is for a human reader to understand your content, the higher it will rank on a search engine.

Think About Your Site’s Reputation

Building your site’s reputation takes time, making it one of the most difficult components of SEO. Although building a reputation is a long process, it may now be the most important aspect of SEO. The reasoning for this is simple: RankBrain looks for “signals” of a site’s relevance and authority. The more people who visit a site, the higher it will rank. This makes click-through-rate more important than ever.

As an optimizer, you need to develop a reputation for your site that encourages people to visit it. Perhaps you create fresh, new content, or perhaps you are a knowledgeable authority on a specific subject. Regardless of your approach, the more people you can attract, the more your rankings will improve.

SEO at JumpSIX Marketing

At JumpSIX Marketing, our SEO team stays on top of the latest industry trends. To improve our digital marketing services for our clients, we continuously find ways to tweak our practices to accommodate for changes in the industry. To learn how your business can benefit from search engine optimization, contact JumpSIX Marketing today!

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