How Infinite Scroll Affects Your SEO

how infinite scroll affects SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about creating pages that are search engine-friendly and Googlebot approved. But what happens when web design gets in the way of web crawlers fully accessing your site? Infinite scroll websites are great for certain kinds of businesses and even better for users, but it’s important to understand what infinite scroll is and how it affects your SEO.

Web Design 101: Infinite Scroll Defined

Infinite scroll websites are sites that allow users to scroll down a page while continually loading new content. This eliminates the need to click away to other pages on a website to get more information. Twitter is a great example of this web design technique. While the idea of never having to click away to get to another page is intriguing and attractive to website users, web crawlers may not agree.

How does infinite scroll affect SEO?

As much as you might think an infinite scroll website would affect your load speed and in turn, decrease your SEO ranking, it actually doesn’t. So if your page load speed is already good, you don’t need to worry about infinite scroll slowing everything down.

On the other hand, an infinite scroll design might inhibit search engine crawlers from accessing all the individual items on your website – which is bad news for your SEO. Infinite scroll is most commonly implemented with Javascript and Google has limitations on what Javascript it can understand. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure Google and other search engines can access all the individual items on your website, even if it features an infinite scroll design.

The Google Webmaster Central Blog suggests making sure your content management system produces paginated component pages to accompany your infinite scroll design. By paginating your website’s content, you are making sure search engines can access all of the items on your website. Just make sure to adhere to the following tips to ensure your SEO doesn’t suffer:

  • Make sure to divide up your website’s content into reasonable chunks without any overlap of content. If there is overlap, Google will flag that as duplicate content and ding your SEO score.
  • Make sure each separate component page has a full and unique URL but avoid time and code-based language in your URLs.
  • Add the following code to your header so that search engines can index your page’s content: rel=”next” and rel=”prev”.
  • Use PushState on the infinite scroll page so browsers know what content to load on each page.
  • Optimize each page of content as you normally would with keyword integration for optimal SEO scoring.

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