How to Run a Successful Ad Campaign

running a successful digital marketing ad campaign with JumpSIX Marketing

You see them scattered across the internet flashing catchy words and images, enticing you to “click here” or “contact us” they seem harmless, until you find yourself browsing through the site for an hour. This is a successful advertising campaign. They pull you in and then help you research the website they are advertising for — for hours. Let’s break it down into a few parts. What is an advertising campaign? What makes it successful? How do I start?

What is an advertising campaign? According to an ad campaign is “a coordinated series of linked advertisements with a single idea or theme.” The focus of an advertising campaign is generally on a common theme and product, then targets particular populations or people groups.

A great example of an eye catching advertising campaign that uses basic words and eye catching images looks like this:

What makes it successful? Advertising campaigns can be successful due to a myriad of circumstances, but the number one reason an advertising campaign is successful is the public’s response to the ads themselves. This is due in part because of the aesthetic of the image in reference to the user’s life experiences. Also, the verbiage utilized in the ad appealed to a need within the user.

For example, when a baseball player sees a stadium featured in an ad, they may be more apt to click on it. Likewise, if a non profit organization is in need of marketing services and sees an ad featuring words that include $10,000 grant, they may be inclined to inquire further. The right message in front of the right people means success.

How do you start? The answer is simple. JumpSIX is where big ideas and marketing is made a reality. Our advertising experts can create the best ad campaigns and feature your brand in the best light possible. Want to research further? Check out our blog and read about the exciting world of Digital Marketing, SEO, and Blogging or call us today. Let’s get started on making your marketing goals a reality.

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