The Importance of Backlinking for SEO Purposes

Why backlinking is so important for SEO

As search engine optimization and strategy were still in their infancy, the importance of links and anchor text was among the first cornerstones the enterprise was founded on. So, at the beginning of SEO, having more links was directly tied to better rankings, without specification. Naturally, web designers and copywriters obliged, filling their content to the brim with links. However, google them began to see this loophole and started to close it, not depreciating the value of links and anchor text, but depreciating the value of bad links and anchor text. It was around this time that backlinking became a legitimate building block for good search engine optimization and the JumpSIX Marketing blog wants to tell you why you should use this strategy to better your SEO presence.

What Are Backlinks?

Put simply, backlinks are links that take somebody to your website from another website. And to put their effect simply, the number of backlinks that a website has is a pretty good field test for how popular a website is. Let’s say I am running a sports blog. Naturally, my business is run by clicks and clicks alone. Pageviews are the foundation of your success. While generating page views via good content and good social media strategy is crucial, the popularity of my blog and content can be found in how many other blogs are linking to my website. Now, blogging may not be a great example because there is competition there, but if you have good content and are popular, you will see other website linking to your site.

The quality of these links also matters, and more importantly the source of these links. If a butcher shop is linking to my sports blog, that isn’t a quality link. But if a newspaper is linking to my website, that is a quality link.

How Important are Backlinks?

This is still a question that is debated. Nobody debates the importance of backlinks, but some wonder how important they really are. Backlinks show the popularity and relevance of our site, but more importantly, they are essentially an endorsement from another website not associated with yours. That is an organic vote of confidence that the algorithms see because it is saying that a site associated with the content you are posting deems that content relevant and worthy of a link.

So backlinks are very important. Earning backlinks can boost your SEO presence more quickly than many other strategies. However, it is also tougher to strategize for because you are dependent on other people. You can’t simply go into your website and make a coding change to earn more backlinks. It requires off-site work. It requires you to earn these links from another site, not take them or create them.

JumpSIX Marketing Can Help Fix Your SEO

At JumpSIX Marketing, our SEO team is committed to helping you earn these valuable backlinks and to making your website more viable to Google’s algorithm. We offer comprehensive SEO service and will work around the clock to optimize your website. Contact us at (417) 799-2233 or visit our website for more information.

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