Important Tips for Creating a Responsive Web Design

Smartphones with Responsive web design

Today, the majority of web traffic occurs on mobile devices. Sure, trusted desktop computers may maintain their relevance, but smartphones and tablets have become the most popular and convenient way to surf the web. This has led to responsive web design: designing and coding websites to fit a variety of screen sizes. Although responsive web design may now be the industry standard, it can be difficult to pull off successfully. Here, the web development team at JumpSIX Marketing discusses some tips for designing responsive layouts.

Design with Mobile Users In Mind

Start the design process thinking of mobile users. Organize your content, navigation, and graphics in a way that works well for smartphones and tablets. If the design makes sense on mobile screens, it will most likely work on a desktop. If you design for large screens first, you may run into problems later that will complicate the design process.

Design Around Content

Regardless of the device, your website needs to tell your story and engage your users, so design around content. Make sure your design draws attention to your message, instead of distracting from it. This is particularly important for mobile devices. With a limited amount of space available on small screens, your content needs to stand out so readers understand the purpose of your site.

Make Buttons Easy to Identify

Buttons are actually one of the biggest components of responsive web design. Because many users will interact with your site through a touch screen, make sure your buttons are large, colorful, and easily identifiable. Whether you are trying to encourage users to leave a comment, contact your organization, or buy a product, never bury important calls to action in your content. Give your users an easy way to engage with your organization.

Test Your Design

Testing is the most important component of responsive web design. View your website on large-screen desktops, laptops, tablets, and various smartphones. Think about the users and how will they will use the site and address any problems that you notice. Continuously testing your design is the only way to ensure it works across a variety of platforms.

Web Design at JumpSIX Marketing

At JumpSIX Marketing, our web design team creates sites that showcase our clients’ message and engage users. Our sites not only look great, but they are functional and effective as well. To learn how your organization can benefit from our web development expertise or any of our other digital marketing services, contact JumpSIX Marketing today!

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