Social Media Marketing: The Importance of Impressions

Someone Using Their Phone for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is obviously integral to your digital marketing strategy, but what does a good social media marketing campaign consist of? Yes, making posts and tweeting is important, but it’s only a small piece of what a business can do with social media.

To truly make an impact on social media, you’ll need to put some of your focus on advertising and impressions. Impressions are a huge part of social media marketing now, and you can’t afford to not include impressions in your goals. But what are impressions and how do they work? Today in our JumpSIX Marketing blog, we’ll explain why impressions should be important to you.

What are Impressions?

Simply put, impressions are how many times a post from your Facebook page is displayed on a computer or mobile device. As soon as your post is on screen, that’s one impression. It doesn’t matter if the user interacts with it or not. If that same person continues to scroll their feed, and one of their friends has shared your post and they see it again, that’s another impression. Thus, impressions are the easiest way to measure how much exposure your page is getting.

Why Do I Need Paid Impressions?

It’s easy to look at impressions the same way we used to look at magazine ads. Before TV and the Internet, magazine ads dominated the advertising industry. Huge firms on Madison Avenue in New York made millions of dollars thinking of the perfect eye-catching ad for the companies that hired them. Today, it’s much simpler.

People don’t read magazines so much anymore, but they’re constantly checking their Facebook. The basic principle hasn’t changed, though. Instead of catching their eye as they flip through their magazine, you’re now catching their eye as they scroll through their News Feed. Best of all, impressions don’t cost you nearly as much as those ad firms back in the day would charge.

JumpSIX Marketing Knows Social Media Marketing

This all may sound a bit overwhelming, especially when you consider impressions are only one facet of social media marketing. Truthfully, it is a bit overwhelming! That’s why trusting a digital marketing agency may be the best way to get the most out of your business.

JumpSIX Marketing offers a comprehensive digital marketing service that is catered to your specific needs. We’ll work with you to create the perfect strategy that creates the most value for your business. We offer social media marketing as well as SEM, SEO, video production, web design, and display advertising services. If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level, contact JumpSIX Marketing today.

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