Digital Marketing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

avoiding internet marketing mistakes with tips from JumpSIX Marketing

We all make mistakes. Maybe you have put salt in your coffee, parked in a handicap spot, or deleted someone off of facebook (but let’s be honest, you probably meant to do the last one.) When it comes down to it all, mistakes happen, but sometimes you can avoid them with the right technique and a little help from a friend. Although there are countless mistakes we could go over, we will stick to our favorite internet marketing mistakes we have found.

Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1) Failing to write a blog. Not having a blog is a big no-no. When your website is lacking a blog, it can be detrimental to your organic search efforts. Regularly publishing new content not only gives you more pages to show up in search results, but it also keeps fans of your business interested and engaged in your brand. The moral of the story is, write about your brand and topics related to it.

2) Bad expectations. Don’t expect changes you made yesterday to take effect immediately. Immediacy does not happen with organic search engine optimization. However, with paid search advertising, your ads can go to the top of Google… as long as you’re willing to pay for it. Organic SEO takes time, but is worth it in the long run.

3) You link to other sites, but they didn’t link to you. Link building is essential in giving authority to your brand and your website. Authority is given by search engines that crawl your site and other sites that give your brand links. An easy way to go about link building is to create accurate local listings in local directories such as SuperPages, Yellowpages, or Yahoo. These directories send your business potential customers searching for products or services featured on your site.

4) Lack of keyword oriented content. Your business cannot be found if you don’t use the right words. For example, if a business wanted to sell cufflinks and men’s jewelry, then they would not have content that talked about engagement rings and tiaras. Relevant keywords are as important to your website as the product itself. Embedding important keywords and utilizing your blog to give authority to the page with the keyword on it.

5) Last, but not least. Lacking all social media connections. Social media allows your brand to connect directly to your consumer base. With this connection you can manage complaints and/or interact with fans that love your brand. Promoting your brand can be easier with social media access because you can gain followers or repeat customers with special offers just on your social media pages. Another perk of having social media outlets established, is that they give you yet another outside link to your website and in part boosts your authority in a search engine.

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