JumpSIX Marketing on Marketing vs Advertising

JumpSIX Marketing on ads vs marketing

Marketing and advertising are two words that are synonymous with each other. You’ll see them used in all sorts of ways – sometimes combined, sometimes interchangeably. It can be hard to know the difference. In fact, is there a difference? Actually, there is. JumpSIX Marketing, being a leading digital marketing company in Springfield, MO, providing services throughout the US, should know. We break down the difference, and why it matters.


We’ll start with advertising, as it’s actually the simpler of the two in some ways. Advertising refers to promoting something specific. So, if you’re looking to let people know about a particular product or service that you’re offering, then promoting that thing, whatever it is, falls under “advertising”.

Although it’s usually more focused in terms of content than a marketing campaign (we’ll get to that), an advertising campaign, whether digital advertising or more traditional types, is usually more expensive. This is because it requires more focus to get the right amount of reach, not to mention putting in front of the right people. It’s also something that people tend to expect more immediate results from.


So if advertising is promoting a product or service, marketing must mean the same thing as general branding, right? Sort of. As a term, “marketing” is more nuanced and has a broader scope than “advertising”, which makes it harder to clearly define.

“Branding” and raising brand awareness is actually something that comes under the umbrella of marketing – which advertising does too. Marketing encompasses the whole process – developing a strategy, implementing that strategy, and maintaining a presence, digital or otherwise. A marketing strategy is a lot more drawn out and time-intensive than a focused advertising one.

For Example

If you were to come to JumpSIX Marketing looking to advertise a new product online, then we would design and implement a digital advertising campaign for that product. If, however, you were a start-up company that wanted JumpSIX Marketing to advertise all of your new products, as well as let people know you exist and engage with an audience, we would be working on an overall digital marketing strategy that isn’t just about selling what you have, but selling your brand.

But it doesn’t stop there. A really effective advertising campaign also needs a good marketing strategy behind it. This gives the advertising a solid foundation to build on – whether it’s an existing audience, reputation or whatever it might be. This is getting dense, isn’t it?

JumpSIX Marketing (and Advertising)

So, is there a difference between marketing and advertising? Yes. Is it often hard to define? Yes. Still confused? Yes? The team at JumpSIX Marketing wouldn’t blame you. This entire industry is full of strange terms and specific buzzwords that are always being used, misused and re-purposed depending on the context. Then we go and stick “digital” on the front of all of them just to mess with your mind a little more.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for someone to handle the digital end of your brand expansion, you don’t have to learn all of this stuff for yourself. JumpSIX Marketing has a healthy portfolio of digital marketing and digital advertising clients, and we’d be happy to add you to the roster. Get in touch and get started today!

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