JumpSIX Marketing to Host JUMPCON 2018

jumpcon banner

Springfield, Mo. – On August 22, JUMPCON 2018 will take place at Ocean Zen in Springfield, Missouri. JUMPCON is a one-day digital marketing seminar, panel discussion and networking event hosted by JumpSIX Marketing.

JUMPCON is a free afternoon event for business owners, marketing specialists, and anyone interested in learning about the latest developments in digital marketing. The event starts with a free lunch, followed by a discussion of inbound marketing, voice technology and how to redefine marketing strategies to include the latest digital developments. A cocktail hour will follow the panel discussion.

JumpSIX is partnering with HubSpot and VoiceXP to provide guests with the tools and knowledge to transform their companies and create their digital footprints through marketing, sales, and artificial intelligence.

“Digital marketing is constantly changing,” said Landon McCarter, JumpSIX Marketing Founder and Partner. “JUMPCON is a way for local companies and businesses to stay in the know about the latest in digital marketing and how to completely revolutionize their marketing strategies.”


JumpSIX Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, dedicated to providing specialized, custom marketing services to businesses across the US.

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