JumpSIX Marketing: Using Social Media Effectively

Effective Social Media Management with JumpSIX Marketing

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important elements of your business’ presence online. Customers rely on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to interact with their favorite businesses and companies. However, just having social media pages is not enough. Check out a few ways to make sure your social media pages are an effective part of your digital marketing presence.

Establish Goals

Before embarking on social media marketing and community management, it will be beneficial to determine your company’s main goals for using social media. While a common objective for social media is to connect with your audiences, creating specific goals to accomplish that objective will be helpful for your JumpSIX Marketing community managers and your company as a whole. Do you want to create interesting conversation opportunities with your customers, or do you want to use your social media pages primarily as a place to inform customers about new products and services? Do you want your page to be informative? Funny? These are all questions that will help guide your JumpSIX Marketing community managers to create your ideal social media brand.

Be Genuine

People on the Internet – and especially on social media – are inundated with information from other people and businesses on a daily basis. If you want your audiences to connect with your company and your brand, you need to be genuine in your posts and comments. If posts seem too formal or formulated, your customers will notice and stop interacting with your social media pages as much.

Respond Quickly

Social media has quickly become the go-to method for contacting businesses when there is an issue. Because of the instantaneous nature of social media, customers expect a fast response when they contact the page. Whether you take care of your social media management in-house or you hire JumpSIX Marketing for your community management needs, it is important to establish standard policies for response times on your various social media outlets.

Community Management with JumpSIX Marketing

At JumpSIX Marketing, we understand the importance that social media can have on your digital marketing goals. With our community management services, we will help to create engaging and relevant content for your various social media platforms. We also offer search engine marketing and search engine optimization services to meet a variety of digital marketing needs. For more information on our services, feel free to explore the JumpSIX Marketing website today!

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