Why You Should Keep Email in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Is Email Marketing Still a Viable Digital Marketing Strategy?

To some, email marketing may seem out-of-date and rudimentary. With so many social media platforms at a marketer’s disposal, email seems like the last place to reach new customers. However, email blasts and newsletters continue to generate website traffic and revenue each year. Tried and true methods never fail, right? Here are just a few reasons why you should incorporate email into your digital marketing strategy.

#1. Everyone Checks Their Email

As one of the most effective forms of communication, email is an integral part of most people’s daily routine. When people need to send a message to a colleague, track their Amazon order, or share an important document, they most likely to turn to email, not Facebook or Twitter.

The importance of email in our daily lives is not looking to change. By making email newsletters a part of your digital marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to share your message on a platform that people will check on a daily basis, allowing you to form a more personal connection with your customers.

#2. You Get Your Customers’ Attention

When you share a blog post on Facebook or Twitter, it is likely to get lost in the noise. Even if customers like or follow your page, they may not necessarily see your post. This could be due to filters and social media algorithms — or simply the sheer amount of content on your customer’s newsfeed.

With email, your posts appear directly in front of your subscribers. This doesn’t mean that they will choose to click or read it all the way through, but the chances of them seeing your post are at least higher with email.

#3. Email and Social Media Can Work Together

In some aspects, social media is more effective than email. On Facebook or Twitter, your content is more likely to be shared with potential customers. Additionally, it sets up a great opportunity for feedback, discussion, and customer interaction.

However, you can improve your digital marketing strategy with a little help from email. With email blasts, you can easily grab your customers’ attention and drive them to your social media pages. On social media, they have the opportunity to like, comment, or share your content with others. With a combination of social media marketing and email marketing, you create more avenues for customer interaction.

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