Keyword Research – The Heart of all PPC Advertising

keyword research and PPC advertising with JumpSIX Marketing

Words make the world go ‘round. How often do you Google search the snippet of lyrics you heard on the radio or that weird type of shirt that you just have to have and clicked on the first URL that popped up in the search result? That little AD symbol in the corner makes it the best anyways…right? In any circumstance, you have used a keyword to find what you are looking for. That tiny ad symbol has the power business are looking for and keyword research is the heart of all pay per click advertising.

What is keyword research? Keyword research is how you find the right keywords to use so that you can rank higher in a search engine list. There are many programs you can use to research certain keyword phrases, such as, but our go to program is always Google Adwords. Go into keyword research with 5 words or phrases from your website and create ad groups that reflect the keywords that closely relate to your root words, but have higher searches.

How are keywords important to PPC advertising? Good keywords are the peanut butter in the PB&J of pay per click advertising campaigns. Imagine you own a brand that specializes in sports gear. Now Sally, a consumer is searching for “colored shin guards” in the Google search bar, saw your paid ad at the top, clicked on it, and bought from your brand. This is the power that keywords give to your pay per click advertising campaign. Without the keyword phrase Sally is searching for included in your ad, she would have likely found a different brand to buy from.

Where do you get started with Pay Per Click advertising? This is the simplest step of all. Call your favorite digital marketing agency and see what they have to offer. There are many ways your business can benefit from PPC advertising. If you don’t think your business is ready to take on PPC ads, then find out more about SEO and other services digital marketing agencies like JumpSIX have to offer. We can take your company’s dreams to the next level.

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