Why Links are Important for SEO Part 1: Internal Links

SEO Internal Links

Google has majorly evolved since the early days. When Google first started, links were one of the pillars of SEO. As Google evolved, it’s algorithm became more advanced, and links were no longer king. That’s not to say that they still aren’t very important to your strategy – they very much are. What has changed is how Google looks at links and how it determines quality. Today in the JumpSIX Marketing blog, we delve further into links and how they help your SEO. In part one of this two-part series, we focus specifically on internal links.

Internal Links for SEO

First, let’s look at the easy part of a link-building strategy. Internal links are created by you on your own website. For instance, you can often see a call to action at the end of a page that says “please contact us for more information”. As you can see, we linked our own contact page to the word “contact.” This keeps users on your website and brings them to the next level. It brings them one step closer to contacting you or buying your product or service.

The keys to internal linking are making the links relevant and not overusing them. For instance, if you clicked on that contact button and it took you to our services page, would you be confused? Probably, because you were looking for contact information and were instead taken to a page listing our services. You have to make sure you’re bringing the user to the page that they’re looking for.

Another key thing to remember is to not overuse your internal links. For instance, we wouldn’t say: “JumpSIX Marketing offers SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Nonprofit Services, Website Design, Display Advertising, Brand Identity Design, and Video Production,” and then link each of those services. One, because that sentence doesn’t look very good and seems out of place, and two, because Google would see all the internal links on that page and know you were trying to stuff links where they don’t need to go. This could harm your ranking. Good SEO is all about optimizing for the user, making the browsing experience as helpful and seamless as possible. This extends to internal linking.

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