Why Links are Important for SEO Part 2: External Links

SEO External Links

In part one of our blog series about the importance of links to your SEO strategy, we talked about how essential it is to create good internal links throughout your website. Today in the JumpSIX Marketing blog, we jump into part two and external links. External links are a bit more complicated than internal links, and they’re harder to get, so let’s break it down.

External Links for SEO

As important as internal links are to your SEO strategy, quality external links are viewed as even more important by Google. They give your website authority, depending on where the link is coming from. The more authoritative the site is that’s linking you, the more relevance Google will place on that link. For instance, Google would place more relevance on a link from CNN than it would a link from your friend’s personal blog. The more relevant, authoritative links your website has, the higher Google will rank it.

There are a few different ways to get these external links. Ideally, you get these links naturally. Meaning that your article, blog, or webpage was informative enough that someone wanted to link to it as a reference. There’s also outreach linking, which is when you reach out to other websites and blogs and ask them to link to your website. Of course, they would need a legitimate reason to do so. The links have to make sense for Google to consider them relevant. For instance, if someone was reading a scientific article and there was a random link to your pet store, that wouldn’t make any sense. Just like anything that has to do with SEO, the links need to be helpful to the users first and foremost, not just beneficial to you.

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All this talk of good and bad, internal and external links can be overwhelming. Especially when you consider this is only a portion of your SEO strategy. There are still many aspects you have to consider. The fact is, it’s tough to have great digital marketing and run a business at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s what JumpSIX Marketing is for. We take care of your digital marketing needs, so you don’t have to. We offer SEO, web design, social media, and much more. We can customize a strategy and plan to meet your specific and unique needs. For more information and to find out how we can help you, contact JumpSIX Marketing today. We look forward to bringing your web presence to the next level!

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