How to Make Your Display Advertising Stand Out

Display Advertising Campaign

When creating a display advertising campaign, you want it to stand out. But you also want it to represent your brand correctly. You want it to be interesting enough to click on and draw customers in, but you shouldn’t make it too brazen as it may drive customers away or annoy them. Basically, you have to find a balance when creating your display advertising campaigns, and that’s not always an easy task. What can you do to really make your campaign pop and drive those conversions?

Make it Pop

The first thing you have to do with a display ad is to catch someone’s eye. If people just scroll right past it, it won’t matter how good the ad content is. This effect can be achieved by using a vibrant color scheme and/or using enticing images. For the color scheme, consider where your ad is showing up. If it’s on Facebook, you wouldn’t want the ad to be blue and white. It would blend in too well with everything else and it wouldn’t stand out. Use colors that will make people pause. For images, use something that represents your brand, but draws attention. Pictures taken directly by the business, or photos that aren’t stock, are ideal. They give people a more direct and immediate connection to the ad. Plus, stock photos are usually easy to recognize and dismiss.

Use Promotional Language

Once people stop to look at your ad, you need to quickly communicate why they should be looking at it. Having a promotion such as BOGO or 50% off is sure to grab someone’s attention. Also, make sure your text is communicating exactly what your product or service is quickly and efficiently. Being clear and concise is key to display advertising. This is also where you need to have your call-to-action. Make sure your call-to-action is prominent, and that it indicates what the consumer is getting into by clicking through. When they jump to the landing page, it should coincide perfectly with the display advertising campaign. No one wants to be redirected to a landing page that doesn’t match up with what they thought it was.

Make it Mobile

Make sure your display advertising campaign is optimized for mobile devices. Many people shop on mobile devices now, so you can’t afford to have an ad that only looks good on a desktop. A clunky mobile ad is not a good way to drive conversions.

Trust the Display Advertising Experts

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