What is Search Engine Marketing and How Does It Compare to SEO?

What is Search Engine Marketing?

For nearly two decades, search engine optimization has been growing and evolving to the point that companies and business expend resources to do well in these areas. Having your company’s name pop up at the top of a potential customers screen when they google your field of expertise could be the difference between a sale and a lost sale. However, we often forget that SEO operates under an umbrella called search marketing, and alongside SEO is search engine marketing. In today’s blog post, JumpSIX Marketing wants to talk about search engine marketing and what that term actually means.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

When people think of search engine marketing they usually think of SEO. However, that isn’t SEM is. While SEO takes up a major chunk of the search marketing pie, search engine marketing is actually its own entity that functions alongside SEO. So what is search engine marketing?

In short, SEM is “the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines,” according to Search Engine Land. This is opposed to SEO, which works to gain website traffic through organic means, i.e., non-paid means. This is an important distinction to make because while SEO has been on an upswing for the last several years, SEM is still a tool utilized by companies and businesses. However, over the last several years, there has also been a bigger divide between SEO and SEM.

Is SEM Dying?

This is an idea that has been widely discussed but is often times mischaracterized. As SEO has grown, people have begun to learn that you can get traffic to your website and to your product without spending money. Companies have also discovered that organic search engine results are much more likely to be clicked on and have higher click-through rates.

However, when it comes to SEO, you are also competing with a bunch of other companies who are looking for organic clicks as well. So it’s important to balance out the two, which is why JumpSIX Marketing offers services for both SEO and SEM. There are benefits to both, and with SEM specifically, paid ads are a great source for direct response marketing and precise targeting.

Let JumpSIX Help

So, in short, search engine marketing is not dying. It is evolving, just as SEO is. With that understanding, it is increasingly important to know the difference between SEM and SEO for your company’s needs and to get into contact with professionals who can help you design a campaign specifically designed for you. JumpSIX Marketing wants to be that help, via our SEO and SEM teams. Contact us today at (417) 799-3322 or visit our website for more information.

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