How To: Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

small business owner who wants to learn about search engine optimization

JumpSIX Marketing specializes in helping all businesses improve their presence. Whether this means improving their image through tasteful web design, boosting their SERP ranking through deftly-applied SEO strategies, or increasing their engagement through precisely-targeted search advertising, we do it all with skill.

But not every business has the budget for a full-scale marketing campaign. New and small businesses may sometimes opt for smaller-scale campaigns, targeting the aspects of marketing that will get them the most useful interactions right away. Others may opt to do a bit of their own marketing by reading up on search engine optimization practices or learning a bit of basic design to optimize their user experience.

From a search engine optimization standpoint, there are a few things small businesses or businesses with smaller budgets may want to consider. Here we share some of those approaches.

In-House Search Engine Optimization

Some businesses will opt to handle their search engine optimization in-house. While we typically advise against this, it is doable if you have time to dedicate to learning and keeping up with the changes in best practice. Some useful resources can be found online for learning about on- and off-page optimizations, meta information, keywords, and more.

Two basic strategies for local SEO would include:

  • Learn Social Media: Utilizing social media is an effective way to build your image and begin telling your company’s story on your own. By allowing you to establish a brand voice, network with other community members and organizations, post aesthetically-pleasing pictures, and more, social media can help you boost your engagement.
  • Target Location-Specific Keywords: As a small business, you probably want to be sure that your name is appearing in front of the people most likely to be interested in your services. This means targeting keywords that include location-specific information, such as “bulk feed in southwest mo” or “buy designer shoes in Springfield.” Ranking for these queries rather than the more general “bulk feed” or “buy designer shoes” means that people searching already have a greater intent to buy within the locale they specify.

However, as changes to the ways search engines rank pages continue, so do the best practices for search engine optimization evolve. It can be hard as a small business owner to handle your own SEO.

SEO from JumpSIX Marketing

If your budget allows it, your best bet will be to hire an agency of professionals trained to execute search engine optimization strategies with consistency and precision. The SEO team at JumpSIX Marketing keeps its finger on the pulse of search engine optimization, handling new changes to search engine ranking parameters and boosting our clients’ exposure. When you are ready to learn just how much a great SEO strategy can improve your small business, try a free site audit from JumpSIX Marketing.

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