SEO Advice: What We Mean When We Say “Relevant Content”

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SEO hasn’t always been as comprehensive as it is today. It used to be that you could just stuff your content with keywords and call it a day. It didn’t matter much if it was relevant or useful to consumers, as long as it met basic guidelines. There used to be various ways to get to the top of the rankings, and not necessarily all of them were ethical or qualitative.

Luckily, Google was able to find a way to put an end to this “Wild West” style of SEO. Now, if you want your page to rank, you need relevant, authoritative content that speaks to users. But what exactly does that mean? Today in the JumpSIX Marketing blog, we’re breaking down what it means for your content to be useful and what Google considers relevant.

Relevance is King

When you search for something on the Internet, you fully expect your results to be exactly what you’re looking for. If you clicked on a link that seemed like it was an interesting article about Automobile Trends and it took you to a car sales website, you’d be pretty annoyed. It’s not what you were looking for, but the site was able to fool the search engine into thinking it was something else.

These techniques no longer work on Google. This site will be quickly blacklisted and you’ll very rarely if ever see this situation happen anymore. Google only grants high rankings to websites that are the best for users. This means the content the website contains must be highly useful for the user and be relevant to what they searched. Appeasing the search engine crawl isn’t enough.

Content with Authority

Authoritative content is exactly what it sounds like. You want to be the authority on the subject, product, or service you’re selling. Think of it in terms of research papers. If someone is writing a research paper or trying to make a point, they should be able to use your content as a link or reference. Factual and useful information will elevate your content above others. SEO depends on your content being informative and readable. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t make sense for you to want to offer your potential customers anything other than useful information.

The companies that use underhanded SEO tactics are extremely shortsighted. They are reaching for the top spot, but not only will they be punished by the search engine, but they’ll also be dismissed by customers. Just having the top result on search engines isn’t enough; when the customer clicks the link, they expect to be taken to a website that will answer all their questions and give them the information they seek. Don’t fall into the trap of lacking patience when getting to the top spot. With proper SEO, the top spot is in reach, but it won’t happen overnight.

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