SEO Best Practices: The Importance of Consistent Blogging

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Why Keeping Your Blog Fresh is Good for SEO

There are many facets of a good SEO strategy, but you may notice that just about every strategy includes the practice of creating ongoing blogs. Creating fresh, consistent content plays a crucial part in the achieving the visible, long-term results that SEO promises. But why is it this way? Why is it so important to continually create this content? Let’s discuss further.

Google and Fresh Content

First and foremost, one of the most important reasons for creating new blogs is the value that Google places on relevance. Google, no matter what, will always put the search engine user first. Its goal is to find the user the most relevant content possible based on their search query. If Google sees that a website has a long history of blogging with new blogs being consistently posted every month, it will place more value on it as a viable source of information. Creating these blogs also makes your website larger. The more blogs you have on your website, the better the chances are of someone finding one relevant to their search or someone linking to your website. With fresh content and a history of blogging, your website is viewed as more of an authority on your topics by search engines.

Keyword Integration

You didn’t do all of that extensive keyword research for nothing, right? Blogging allows you to continue to integrate the keywords you want to rank for. This can help boost your rankings over a period of time. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean you should just stuff your blog with keywords and try to rank that way. It’s simply an opportunity to create quality content related to your company, while also using SEO best practices to organically integrate targeted keywords into the content. Best of all, once you’re ranking high for the keywords you want to rank for, you can do fresh keyword research and begin targeting more keywords relevant to your brand. You should also continue to use your other keywords too, that way you have fresh content that pertains to them.

A Chance to Connect with Your Customers

Yes, blogs are great for SEO purposes, but let’s not forget that people read these things! You can view blogs as an opportunity to expand on facets of your business that might not be touched on in your foundational pages. It can also inform and educate them more about your products or services. Also, you can use blogs to announce and expand on events and other things happening with your company. For instance, did you just open a new location? Make a blog about it! Your loyal customers may be interested in reading about it. Then you can share the blog across your social media platforms to drive traffic. Of course, your blog will contain calls to action, meaning you may get conversions off your blog!

Contact JumpSIX Marketing to Boost Your SEO

Blogging allows you to establish authority on search engines, integrate target keywords, and reach your audience. But that’s just scratching the surface. Blogging and SEO have many other benefits, and digital marketing as a whole is one of the best ways to bring your company to the next level. JumpSIX Marketing can help you with your SEO and any of your other digital marketing needs. Contact us today for more information.

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