Is SEO Dying?

Search Engine Optimization and lasting importance.

A Look at Why Search Engine Optimization Still Matters

If you’ve been shopping around for an agency to handle your business’s search engine optimization needs, you might have come across a few articles telling you there’s no need. As the digital world changes over time, plenty of people will presume certain elements of digital marketing are obsolete because of some new trend or technology.

SEO is one of the elements that is most often cited as being dead, or dying, or on the way out in some way. In fact, this has been a staple of digital advertising and marketing critics for as long as the industry has existed. But is it true? JumpSIX Marketing takes a look at the real lasting relevance of search engine optimization and how it adapts to changes.

Adapting to Changing Algorithms

One of the most important things to know about SEO is that it isn’t entirely under your control. Google, in particular, often changes the algorithms used to determined quality content and how it’s listed, which can have a huge impact on your site.

For example, this is why you can no longer fill your content with countless keywords of wildly varying relevance to reach the top of search results. Google realized people were doing this, and how difficult it made content to read, and re-evaluated how their search engine understands keywords.This meant that keyword stuffing suddenly had an immensely negative impact on where sites were placed in results, and content creators had to think more carefully about how to properly integrate keywords into text.

Keywords are just one example of SEO elements that change in terms of how or why they matter but give the clearest demonstration. Relevance of overall content, authority, readability, and engagement all make a difference.

Voice Search and Search Engine Optimization

What about new technology? Voice search, in particular, is often cited as the number one threat to search engine optimization and can serve as our easiest example. In reality, voice search is only a threat to old-fashioned (meaning outdated) SEO. If you’re ready to adapt, you can benefit from voice search as well as traditional text-based search.

The important thing about voice search is that it’s designed to recognize natural speech patterns. This is vital for its ease of use, but how do you make sure your content is brought it up in a casually phrased question someone has asked their Google Assistant? Easy! Writing content that mimics a more natural speech pattern, rather than something formal or overly technical, makes it far more likely to appear higher in search results.

This is just a general look at how to make the most of voice – we wouldn’t want to give away all our secrets – but demonstrates just how fluid good SEO strategy can be.

It’s Not All About Search Ranking

Of course, search engine optimization isn’t all about search rankings, as much as some people might insist. Any good SEO strategy also has a focus on creating content that an audience will engage with.

This means matching your tone and your voice, with the words and writing style you use, to who you’re looking to appeal to. This is an element that will always be absolutely vital, no matter what you’re business is or how much the industry changes.

If you struggle with writing content, your business will suffer – regardless of your technical knowledge.

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It’s pretty clear that search engine optimization is always going to be important, even as it evolves. Rather than abandoning SEO altogether, you need to make sure that you can keep up with changing trends. Why not contact JumpSIX Marketing for all your search engine optimization needs? We can take care of your online presence, content, and digital marketing with an eye on every shift in the industry, big or small.

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