SEO: Integrating Multiple Keywords into a Single Page

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SEO strives to build a website’s relevance and authority through content. As an SEO copywriter, every piece of content you write should target a specific keyword. Although you may usually only target one keyword per piece of content, it is possible to target multiple keywords on a single page. Here, JumpSIX Marketing explains how to pull it off.

Use Related Keywords

When you target multiple keywords on a single page, your keywords need to be related. Although your client may offer a wide range of products or services, it doesn’t make sense to target unrelated keywords in one piece of content. For example, if you are writing for a dentist office, targeting both “braces” and “dentures” on a single page would be an ineffective SEO practice. Because the page covers two totally different topics, it would no longer be relevant to a search query. Instead, target two related keywords such as “braces” and “orthodontics” or “dentures” and “cosmetic dentistry.” By finding related keywords, you can target multiple searches while maintaining a page’s relevance.

Use Synonyms

Not everyone uses the same wording in a search query, so finding two synonymous keywords and targeting both is an ideal situation. For example, when someone searches for a dentist office, they may type either “dentist office” or “dental office.” If you want your page to rank for both of these phrases, you’ll want to target both keywords in your copy.

Utilize LSI Keywords

Utilizing LSI keywords is growing SEO practice. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, which is a process where a search engine looks at a web page as whole to determine a relationship between the subject and content. Essentially, LSI keywords are words that are naturally linked to your focus keyword. For example, if you were to write a page about braces, you may naturally include other words such as “dentist” or “orthodontics,” or even more broadly-related terms such as “brackets” and “bands.” By including these words in addition to your main keyword, you tell a search engine that your content is more relevant to a search about braces than content that does not contain these LSI keywords. This method may not target two keywords per se, but it does help you rank higher on a search engine. To find LSI keywords, check out one of the many LSI keyword generators available online.

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