SEO Keyword Research: Global and Local Keywords

SEO Local Keywords

When researching keywords that you should use in your SEO strategy, it’s important to look at both the local and global search volume. Of course, which keywords you decide to use is dependant on your business. So what does all of this mean? Today in the JumpSIX Marketing blog, we explain choosing the right global and local keywords for your SEO strategy.

Local Keywords

If you own a small, local business, you’re going to want to place a lot of focus on local keywords. You’ll want to find keywords that have high search volume in your area. Sometimes, strong local keywords may not be searched often globally, but this doesn’t always matter. If most of your business comes from your immediate and surrounding areas, you don’t have to worry as much about finding keywords with high global search volume. In fact, putting too much importance on global search volume could be detrimental to your SEO if you don’t serve the global market. Remember, it’s good to have a keyword that has a good amount of both global and local search volume, but if the local search volume is extremely low, it’s not worth using no matter what the global volume is.

Global Keywords

On the flip side of that, if your business is able to serve markets outside your local area, then you should be looking at global search volume. Keep in mind, when we say global, we don’t necessarily mean international. For instance, if you only ship your products within the United States, that’s fine. You can focus your keyword research in the United States. Many people who are new to SEO make the mistake of putting too much importance on their global search volume when most of the time it’s not completely relevant to their success.

Now, if you do sell products or services on an international basis, global keywords take on a new importance. Most likely you’ll have to create a more comprehensive SEO strategy that utilizes keywords per country. Meaning a high-quality keyword with good search volume in the United States may not have good search volume in the United Kingdom. Thus, you’ll need to create a strategy that utilizes both quality US keywords and quality UK keywords. Or maybe one of the countries you serve doesn’t have English as the primary language. If this is the case, you’ll have to do keyword research in that language, further deepening the comprehensiveness of your SEO strategy.

Trust JumpSIX Marketing with Your SEO

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