SEO Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make: Part One

SEO Mistakes One

There’s so much information out there on what constitutes “good” SEO and “bad” SEO that it can be easy to make some missteps in your strategy. This leads to otherwise good websites making common mistakes that, unfortunately, could bring their search rankings down. There’s nothing more frustrating than these simple mistakes, and all too many businesses make them. Today in the JumpSIX Marketing blog, we discuss some common SEO mistakes to avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Keyword research is crucial to the success of any good SEO campaign. Good keyword research can help you target keywords that will get you the customers you want while still staying true to your brand. In the midst of your research, you may come across some keywords that make you say “Wow, this perfectly fits my business and it’s exactly the kind of thing I want to rank for,” before looking at the search volume and seeing that no one ever searches for it. No matter how much you like that keyword, and how badly you want people to be looking for it, the statistics don’t lie. Don’t get wrapped up with particular keywords when ones with higher search volumes will work just as well.

Keyword Stuffing

Now you’ve done your keyword research and found the perfect words or phrases to implement. Your website for your cat-sitting business is all set up and you’re ready to write your first blog. Your keyword research has revealed a lot of local search volume for “cat-sitter” so you decide to focus on that keyword in your first blog. You sit down and type something like this:

“Are you tired of worrying about your cat while you’re away on your Zumba retreat? Are you having trouble finding a reliable cat-sitter in the Springfield area? Well, your cat-sitter woes are over! Cat-Sitter Inc. is here to cat-sit your cat anytime you need a cat-sitter!”

It’s easy to see the problem here. Not only does using the keyword “cat-sitter” so many times in a small space sound awkward, but it makes you look bad to Google too. When you keyword stuff, Google will pick up on it and ping you. Keywords need to be integrated naturally in order to have a successful SEO campaign. In fact, you may not have even noticed us throwing our keyword in that last sentence(hint: it’s SEO). See how natural that is!

If you want to learn more about keyword stuffing, check out this blog: What is Keyword Stuffing, and Why is it Bad for SEO?

SEO Mistakes are Easy to Make

Today we just scratched the surface of the mistakes that can be made in an SEO campaign. As we mentioned, Google’s algorithm is complicated and it can be pretty unforgiving. These mistakes may be innocent but Google won’t see it that way. To make sure your SEO is in tip-top shape, choose JumpSIX Marketing. Contact us today for more information, and make sure to check out Part Two of our blog series to see more common mistakes to avoid.

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