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JumpSIX Marketing is partnered with premier inbound marketing and sales platform HubSpot. We already offer incredible digital marketing services, but with HubSpot integration, we’re able to bring you something even better.

What is Inbound Marketing?

First things first: what is inbound marketing? Put simply, inbound marketing is when people seek out your business themselves instead of being reached through cold calls and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing works by targeting potential customers with the information they actually want, when they want it. People are tired of getting ads and content that they don’t care about, and with inbound marketing through HubSpot, this problem is solved.

How does it help my business?

Inbound marketing revolves around the development and optimization of campaigns. Each campaign is a concentrated effort that aligns all of your marketing channels around a single offer and goal. You can associate a campaign with the following: landing pages, calls-to-action, emails, blog posts (COS only), social messages, keywords, pay-per-click visits, traffic from other sources, and workflows. The focus of these campaigns are specific to your business model, with some common goals being:

  • Converting new users.
  • Nurturing leads based on their specific interests.
  • Automating existing business processes.
  • Collecting information to categorize users into a persona.
  • Re-engaging existing customer lists with new services/products.

By concentrating all of your efforts on a single measurable goal, and automating all of a user’s interactions based on the information we’ve collected, we’re able to convert at a substantially higher rate than traditional outbound strategies.

HubSpot Features

HubSpot offers an array of features to improve your inbound marketing.
These features include:

Landing Pages
Create landing pages that are customized to whomever looks at them and optimized for every kind of device.
Marketing Automation
Marketing automation takes lead behavior into account to create emails, content, and more that are tailored to their preferences.
Social Media
Social media features allow us to schedule posts when people will actually view them, keep track of mentions of your brand, and monitor engagement.
Create content that people will want to read while increasing your authority in search engines. Also, get in-depth SEO analytics to help improve your strategy.
Contact Management
Make contact management simple with automatic sales logging, and add contact information with a single click.
Create beautiful email templates and emails that are highly targeted to the customer. This increases your subscriber list, opens, and click-throughs.
Support (Via HubSpot
Get access to comprehensive HubSpot support.
Get precise data on your Facebook and Google Ads ROI.
HubSpot makes forms simple. Just drag and drop to make the perfect template.
Lead Analytics
Get analytics on your entire marketing funnel.
Create compelling CTAs that encourage clicks and conversions. Also, collect performance data to help you improve as you go.
Smart Content
Personalize content based on customer analytics, and scale as the needs and wants of your customers change.
A/B Testing
Use A/B testing to find out what resonates with your audience, and perfect your message using this data.
Lead Flows
Easily create lead capture forms to engage users.
Lead Management
Organize your contact information in one central database.

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