and how we deliver to them

and how we deliver to them

JumpSIX delivers results for nonprofits. We use Google grants to reach prospects on the Internet with search ads. This amounts to $10,000 per month in search ad spending for one year. And, in some cases, the grant amount is up to $40,000 per month.

Unfortunately, many nonprofits rely on unqualified staff to launch and manage these search ad campaigns. Most only spend a fraction (3%) of the granted amount. To make matters more difficult, Google offers no support for these grants.

That’s where we come in.

Though they may not have the spending power and budget of for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations need online presences as much as any business. When nonprofit organizations get traffic to their websites, they increase the nonprofit organization’s ability to fulfill its mission to those it serves as well as receive additional donation, volunteer services, and assistance from other organizations. This support is crucial to the success of these organizations, and a well-managed nonprofit digital marketing account can go a long way to drawing potential volunteers and donors to their sites.

 Nonprofit Marketing at JumpSIX

As a digital marketing firm, JumpSIX Marketing knows exactly how much work it takes to run a digital advertising campaign competitive enough to bring relevant traffic to a website. Not all nonprofits have the personnel to manage a nonprofit digital marketing account. That’s where we come in. We can manage a Google Ads account through Google Ad Grants, and we can set up an account for any display ad campaigns.

What is it?

When someone opens a web browser and searches for a product or name, Google provides a page with a list of websites that match this search. This is called a search engine results page (SERP). Chances are, the top two or three results will have the word ad in a green box. There will also be ads for other websites on the right side of the page. Digital marketers write these ads in a way that draws searchers to their sites, then companies bid for ad space on the SERP.  Each time someone clicks on an ad, the owner of that ad pays Google a fee.


A well managed Google Ads account, with the right keywords and ads, will massively increase exposure for nonprofit organizations. Google takes into consideration not only the ad price but also the relevancy of the ad to the product (in this case the nonprofit organization) when placing ads. A well-conceived and well-constructed ad leads to more clicks. These clicks lead to donations, volunteers, and more awareness. JumpSIX is a leader in the Google Ads program

JumpSIX uses Google AdGrants to power Google Ads for nonprofit digital marketing campaigns. Nonprofit organizations rarely have the funds available to large businesses competing for similar search terms and keywords. The Google AdGrant gives nonprofit organizations $10,000 per month to spend on search ads for an entire year. Google AdGrants Ads accounts can also apply for an additional grant totaling $40,000 per month.

JumpSIX became a leader in the Google Ads program through innovation, quality, and experience. We are successful at leveraging Google Ads to help our clients achieve their goals. Through this success, we have become experts at managing the Google AdGrant Ads program for nonprofit organizations. JumpSIX Marketing has successfully managed this process for many nonprofit organizations. From grant submission to managing search ad campaigns, we do it all. We help nonprofit organizations qualify for a grant by writing their proposal and walking them through every step of the grant process. If their budget allows it, we even manage display advertising and remarketing for them.

At JumpSIX, we help you reach more people

We, at JumpSIX, love dedicating ourselves to a great uplifting cause. We want nothing more than to raise awareness and increase the reach of worthy causes. With the Google Ads Program and our dedicated staff, we can improve the effectiveness and outreach of any nonprofit organization. Contact JumpSIX Marketing to get started on your Google ad grant.