and how it increases your sales

and how it increases your sales

Search Engine Marketing

SEMsometimes referred to as “paid search,” strategically delivers immediate traffic to your site. Unlike Search Engine Optimization, which helps your website rank higher with Google organically, SEM can get you to the top of Google search results immediately. Whether using display ads, search ads, or video ads, SEM is a powerful way to send targeted prospects to your site or landing page.

PPC: Also known as “pay per click,” this is the amount you pay when a user selects your advertisement.

CPC: Also known as “cost per click,” this is the amount you spend on a PPC campaign.

Keyword Research: A successful SEM campaign will complete a competitive keyword analysis as well as research keywords that are relevant to your business. This will include formulating keyword match types for your company.

SEM Platform: Choosing an advertising platform that helps your business grow is a crucial component to Search Engine Marketing efforts. At JumpSIX Marketing, we work in Google Ads daily to create and manage your paid search campaign.

Impressions: When a user searches a keyword and your advertisement appears on their page, this is an impression. The user does not have to click on the ad, the ad just simply has to be present on the users search engine results.

ROI: Also known as “return on investment,” this calculates a percentage that analyzes the profitability of your search campaign.

Conversions: Part of SEM is tracking how your search campaign is converting into a desired action after a user clicks on your advertisement. There are several types of conversions that can be tracked such as E-Commerce Conversions (the user clicks on your advertisement and makes a purchase) and Lead Generation Conversions (the user clicks on your advertisements and fills out a contact form).

Over a million businesses rely on SEM with Google Ads