JumpSIX Marketing SEO Services

With digital technology changing each year, it is vital for companies to keep up with this evolution.  JumpSIX Marketing knows from experience that Google is always changing the way it does things. When Google changes its vaunted search algorithm, we notice. It’s essential for companies to create websites to successfully market their company and drive business. However, it’s equally important, if not more so, to take steps to increase visibility in search engine platforms such as Google. Everyone wants to be at the top of Google’s search engine results. But, how do you get there and outrank your competitors? The answer is search engine optimization, or SEO services.

How Does SEO Work? SEO is a long-term, ongoing process that involves extensive keyword research and content management. When a person searches a word or phrase on Google’s search engine, Google uses a unique algorithm to rank websites based on two simplified concepts: relevance and authority. JumpSIX Marketing’s SEO services work to increase your website’s relevance and authority.

What Is Content Marketing? Content marketing occurs when JumpSIX Marketing creates and distributes relevant and valuable content. An example of content marketing includes unique, weekly blog posts. Each blog integrates targeted keywords for high rankings that are relevant to your company or business.

SEO services mean different things to different people. At JumpSIX Marketing, our staff constantly stays up to date with the latest trends. We take pride in quality work that delivers results. We bring brands to life.

How Does SEO Increase Relevance and Authority?

The best SEO strategy takes both a short and long view for relevance and authority. The SEO experts at JumpSIX Marketing gather insights at the beginning of your digital marketing campaign through extensive keyword research. Then we tweak your web pages, perhaps write weekly blogs, and monitor performance as part of an ongoing process and strategy. Once we make more changes, we see how this affects how people find your site. As you climb up the search rankings, your company’s online relevance and authority increase. 

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term, ongoing process that involves extensive keyword research, strategy and content management. When a user searches a word or phrase on Google’s search engine platform, Google uses a unique algorithm to rank websites based on two simplified concepts: relevance and authority. The focus of SEO is increasing your website’s relevance and authority. 

To increase relevance and authority, you must add original, unique and relatable contentto these parts of your website:

Title Tag

The title tag is used on search engine results pages to display a short preview for a given page.

Meta Description

The meta description provides a short web page overview, usually a short sentence or two, on a search engine results page.

H1 Headline

Often the visual header on the page, but can be the name or title of the preview for a given page.

Body Copy

This is the actual content of the web page. The body copy is what the user came to see.


Our SEO team will strategically optimize and integrate profitable and highly searchable keywords into your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, H1 headlines and body copy.


When potential customers search for a product or business, they usually search online first. Our local listing services will create and manage the information about your business across several of the most popular local listing sources. Local listings ensure consistency and accuracy across the web.


Our SEO team will continuously analyze any technical issues on your website, such as “Page Not Found” (404) issues, and take necessary measures to fix these errors.


JumpSIX Marketing offers thorough keyword research that is relevant to your goods and services to optimize search engine results. We will also review and analyze your competitor’s keyword rankings and analyze your progress in comparison. This process also includes assessing what your website is currently ranking for so we can leverage profitable keyword opportunities.


Part of our SEO services includes ongoing content writing. We create foundational landing (Home, About and Contact) pages as well as supplemental pages such as blogs. Posting new and unique blogs every month can significantly increase your search engine ranking and your business because Google’s algorithm values updated and new content.