Social media engagement resembles search engine optimization because it too develops a strong base of consumers over an extended period of time. A social media marketing campaign, focusing on engagement, interacts with consumers as though they are just another user, not a lead. Businesses build trust, share links, become visible leaders in the industry, and cultivate a community of dedicated followers by engaging their consumers in a personable way.

This means focusing on more than just click-through rates and conversions. Engagement, unlike social media display advertising, is not about pushing product at all times. Think of engagement as a way to show that your business has a personality. Engagement shows your audience that your business is down-to-earth, relatable, and produces enjoyable and relevant content. If you can show this, followers will come.

Social Media Display Advertising

Social media sites foster the perfect environment for digital advertising. Social media marketing campaigns can use any information available on the social media site for targeting purposes. Think about that for just a moment. Consider all the demographic information on each Facebook page. Social media encourages and rewards users for their openness, and social media marketing uses this information to target audiences in an extremely accurate way.

If you want specific ads catered to people with hobbies related to your business, display advertising within a social media marketing campaign can do just that. If you want to target users based on past online purchases and past page visits, much in the way Google advertising works, social media advertising can do that as well. Social media marketing gives you consumers’ interests, ages, locations, and all other important demographic information at your fingertips.

Though the benefits are massive, properly managing a social media account takes time and expertise. JumpSIX Marketing provides Facebook and Twitter management for businesses that want to cultivate their image and get ahead with digital advertising.


  • Post 5-7 times a week
    • 70% of posts are researched, educational material
    • 10% of posts are fun, personable engagement
    • 20% of posts are for events, products, and other client related activities
  • 25,000 paid impressions per month guaranteed
    • Sponsored ads
    • Sidebar ads
    • Mobile ads
    • Post boosting
    • Audience targeting
  • Full-time journalist checks all posts for spelling and grammar errors
  • Full-time graphic designer ensures all posts and images are sized for maximum efficiency
  • Page is professionally designed.
  • Posts are scheduled in advance to ensure accuracy and delivery during peak hours


  • Tweet 3-5 times a day
    • Inspirational material
    • Links to blogs
    • Quotes
    • Interactive tweets
  • Full-time journalist checks all tweets for spelling and grammar errors
  • Tweets are scheduled in advance to ensure accuracy and delivery during peak hours

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