and why you need it

Video is one of the most impactful ways to communicate your message to prospects while they visit your websiteNo matter how well you write the pages on your site, no one will read those words with your voice and your passion. That’s where video production shines. Pages with videos convert leads at a higher rate than any other form of content created.

Online audiences tend to have short attention spans, so pages of text without interactivity or engagement can be disastrous for a business. You want your potential customers to be interested, and you want to be able to address them directly. Breaking up text with videos is a great way to bolster your message. It’s also an effective way of letting your users know who you are. First impressions count. If you can present a clear image of yourself, your business, and what you are about, you’re all the more likely to get the results you want.

The expert team at JumpSIX Marketing uses a form of video communication called kinetic text. Our videos enable you to share a story that’s clear, concise, and compelling.

And they finish with a strong call to action. The videos we create start with a script. Our talented copywriters craft a tailor-made message for your target audience. Next, our designers add animation and industry specific graphics to the stream. The end result — a remarkable video that’s sure to get watched, liked, and shared.

Another great benefit of using JumpSIX Marketing for video production is that you have the opportunity to apply these benefits to targeted advertising campaigns. Using video in display advertising is increasingly common and demonstrably effective. Taking an engaging video and using it to spread your message wider will appeal to a far greater audience, potentially making huge gains for your business. It also adds to your branding across the web, making others familiar with what you do before they even visit your site.

With the targeting options available through display advertising, we can tailor your videos to make sure they’re appealing to people interested in what you provide. These videos can then be shown in a variety of places, either as placements or playing at the beginning of existing videos, putting your business and your brand in front of countless potential customers. Keep in mind that these videos will be seen by many users on all sorts of devices from tablets to smartphones to desktops.

JumpSIX Marketing creativity

An essential ingredient of effective video production – and in deciding how those videos are used – is creativity. It’s not enough to put a video together – being able to use it effectively will determine whether or not it’s a success. The JumpSIX Marketing team doesn’t just offer professional quality video production, we also have the ingenuity and innovation to creatively use your videos for branding and marketing. Finding new placements and appealing to new audiences is all part of the digital marketing skillset that our engineers and designers bring to your brand.

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