Setting Goals for Digital Marketing

Establishing specific digital marketing goals

Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses and customers interact, and the audiences that companies are now able to access. As the opportunities for marketing have increased, so has the importance of establishing goals for the marketing efforts.

Paid Advertising

When you are paying for advertising on search engines and websites, your business should have a few main objectives to focus the digital advertising efforts. With digital marketing, you can tailor your advertisements around specific searches and keywords to ensure that you are targeting the precise advertising group you have selected. Certain keywords will perform better than others, so it is helpful for your digital marketing specialists at JumpSIX Marketing to know which products or services you would like the advertising efforts to focus on, so that you gain customers on the products and services that you choose.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, functions a bit differently than many other facets of digital marketing. That means your company’s goals should be a bit different when it comes to SEO. SEO predominantly focuses on driving traffic to your website organically instead of through paid advertising. When determining your company’s goals for SEO, you should keep in mind that results won’t be seen as suddenly as it would through ads, but the results continue to build and don’t end like they would if you stopped using ads. Consider which services and features that you would like to focus on, and try to create a comprehensive idea of the tone and feel you want for your company’s content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming an increasingly important aspect of comprehensive digital marketing efforts. Over two billion people all across the world use various social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook on a regular basis. That means your ads have the potential to reach a wide and varied audience that would be impossible to reach through traditional advertising methods. With social media marketing, your business has the opportunity to focus advertisements on specific demographics. When creating goals for social media marketing, it is important to determine if you want to focus on people who already use your products and services (or products and services similar to yours) or if you want to reach totally new markets to expand your customer base.

Digital Marketing with JumpSIX Marketing

At JumpSIX Marketing, we strive to provide the best in digital marketing to our clients. We offer personalized plans that are tailored to each company’s specific advertising goals. For more information on the services we provide, check out the JumpSIX Marketing website today!

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