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Snapchat, the mobile application that allows you to send pictures and short videos to people, is typically not considered one of the prime platforms for businesses to join in terms of advertising. This notion may be on the verge of being reconsidered, however. Snapchat has integrated several creative ways for brands to promote their products and services, and with approximately 166 million daily users, there’s no shortage of eyes who are going to see it. So how exactly do you run a campaign on Snapchat? There are several ways, which vary from rather expensive to completely free, and all of them have the potential for getting great returns for your company. At JumpSIX Marketing, we decided to share some of these tactics that your business can put to use for effective social media marketing.

Sponsored Lenses

So, this option isn’t exactly the cheapest to run. Costing upward of $500,000, you’ve got to have quite the budget to pull the trigger on a campaign like this. However, this highly engaging feature reaches millions of potential viewers and can get a longer-than-normal view time. The ad is essentially a customizable filter that morphs to the user’s face and can be subsequently sent out to his or her friends. Despite the expensive price tag, these innovative advertisements are becoming a popular form of social media marketing.

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are brief videos that appear between other Snaps that a user views through his or her discover tab of the app. The videos can then prompt a variety of options for engagement, such as reading an article, installing an app, viewing a longer video or visiting a website. While much cheaper than integrating a Sponsored Lens, Snap Ads still run at about $1,000. Nevertheless, this option is an easy-to-manage method that can do great social media marketing wonders for your business.


Geofilters are themed overlays that users can apply to their pictures or videos before sending them out. Using this feature, you can create geo-fenced graphics to appear at certain landmarks, events or chain stores, in addition to creating nation-wide promotions that everyone can see. These ads are among the cheapest to run depending on the targeted space you select but are regardless a great tactic for social media marketing.

Embedded Links

In one of Snapchat’s most recent updates, you are now able to embed links right into your Snaps. Simply linking your company’s website in one of your Stories can prompt viewers to visit your page and gain interest in your brand. Using this feature while attracting a strong following through the app is a free-of-cost social media marketing method that engages an increasingly large amount of people.

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The options are wide and far for promoting your brand through Snapchat and only seem to be expanding with each update. Utilizing these features can be very beneficial in attracting audiences of Snapchat’s rather young demographic and is fairly cost-efficient to do so. For more information about social media marketing, contact JumpSIX Marketing at 417-799-2233.

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