How Social Media Marketing is Changing on Snapchat

Woman using social media marketing on Snapchat


The wonderful social media platform that can give you both bunny ears and old man wrinkles in a matter of seconds.

The tool that allows you to reach a whole new level of “creeper” as you determine your ex-boyfriend’s exact, real-time location on a map of the United States.

The platform that lets you share your best (and worst) moments as they unfold, unplanned, before the world.

To say the least, Snapchat is an extremely dynamic platform that is changing the way we do social media marketing. Here’s a quick look at four distinct ways Snapchat is changing the face of social media marketing as we know it.

1. Snapchat feels much more personal.

The purpose of most social media channels is to connect with as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. But with Snapchat, things are more personal. There’s just something about getting a single, disappearing message from a friend or company that is much more exclusive, especially when it contains an important message that’s just for you. This can increase customer interest and heighten awareness of whatever message it is you’re sending your customers.

2. It provides more opportunities for companies to connect one-on-one with customers.

When it comes to social media marketing, there are generally limited opportunities to personally connect with your customers one-on-one. This is definitely not true on Snapchat. With this photo messaging app, companies have endless opportunities to send personal messages that are relatable and encourage action on the part of the customer.

3. It increases urgency.

Disappearing messages that you can only view once and branded filters that can only be used for a certain amount of time greatly increase a customer’s sense of urgency, especially if they can’t get those messages or filters anywhere else. In fact, this type of urgency can really help you drive your social media marketing because customers will keep coming back to see what’s new and get something that can’t find elsewhere.

4. Snapchat content is more raw and relatable.

Unlike most social media channels where images and messages are primed to look effortless before sharing, content on Snapchat is much more raw and relatable. This tends to resonate with target audiences who genuine and spontaneous images to carefully curated and branded images.

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